Manage Corrosion Under Insulation

Whether it’s insulation or fireproofing covering piping, pipelines, tanks or pressure vessels, corrosion underneath is one of the most common and difficult problems to prevent. The extent and rates of corrosion can vary widely and be caused by environment, third party damage or service. While coatings on metal can be effective for extended periods, once the coating begins to break down, moisture held in or under the insulation will inevitably find an opening and begin its counterproductive work.

We work in environments which go from one extreme to another, whether it be the passing of seasons and varying weather, or regular changes in temperature and humidity due to industrial process needs. Swelling and contraction of insulation can vary, reducing the effectiveness of the protection the covering provided.

All of these factors lead us to one conclusion. Without an effective predictive model available, the best course of action is periodic, routine inspection of vulnerable installations. CUI and CUF inspections can detect if corrosion is widespread, or limited to smaller areas.

Russell NDE’s bracelet probe is an effective, non-destructive inspection tool. Corrosion is rapidly detected in real time at speeds up to 5 meters/minute through insulation (up to 6.35cm/2.5” thick), fireproofing, and aluminum and stainless-steel jackets.

Once corrosion has been detected, you can repair your pipes, tanks and vessels before significant leakage requires a larger capital outlay to repair or replace, incurring possible delays in production and loss of revenue.

Contact Russell NDE today. We’ll be happy to work out an inspection plan that suits you needs.