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Colorado is reviewing its requirements for flowline inspection after two workers were killed when a flow line ruptured. Read full article: here

Russell NDE can help in many situations like this.  We have small diameter in-line inspection (ILI) Tools suited for flowlines.  For more infomation call 1-800-661-0127




Heat Exchanger Series # 1: Common Flaws in Heat Exchangers

Facilities that operate heat exchangers should take care to ensure they are properly inspected and monitored for damage and wear-and-tear. Non-destructive testing of heat exchanger tubes promotes efficiency in heat transfer as well as avoiding leaks and cross-contamination of process fluids in the unit.

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Plastic Liners for Steel Pipelines Prevent Corrosion, but Pipelines Still Require Inspection Post Lining.

A lot of minds have been put to work to try and solve this problem, and engineering technologies have been developed to protect metal pipelines from deterioration: external urethane coatings, epoxy coatings and cathodic protection are just a few tools in the arsenal of the pipeline industry to preserve their assets.

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Russell NDE Completes Gas Storage Sphere Inspection Project


Russell NDE will be partnering with Acuren and Imperial/Esso to conduct an inspection of the legs of their gas storage spheres in Edmonton. We will be using our bracelet probe and a customized Inuktun crawler to complete this project.

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Russell NDE Completes a Boiler Tube Inspection Project in New Brunswick

Russell NDE was hard at work in June conducting a special NDE project in Colson Cove, NB. We were hired to inspect boiler tubes in a power generation station. We used our Ferroscope and E-PIT probe to conduct the inspection for New Brunswick Power.

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Safety is Everyone's Responsibility at Russell NDE

Russell NDE employees frequently work in remote or industrial areas. Working in these places doesn't come without risk. Russell NDE understands that it's imperative we have an effective plan and a culture that ensures our employees remain safe on the job.

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Why People Oppose the Energy East & Keystone XL Pipeline (and Why they Probably Shouldn't)

A politician recently stated: "If we had to build the Trans-Canada highway, or either of the national railroads today, we probably would not have been able to build them." Russell NDE wonders why that is, and why people oppose the building of pipelines.

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4 Effective Methods for Inspecting Carbon Steel Tubing

Carbon steel tubing is frequently found in boilers and heat exchangers.

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Why Refineries and Processing Plants use Fireproofing and Monitor for Corrosion

Above-ground pipes and pressure vessels can be especially vulnerable to fires. They often carry flammable, volatile substances that could make a fire spread out of control very quickly if the pipe or vessel ruptured due to an external fire.

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How to Aim for Zero Pipeline Incidents

Russell NDE takes pipeline safety extremely seriously. We know that your organization does as well. We want to outline how your company can aim for zero pipeline failures in your work place. You can do this through maintaining a commitment to safety, creating a zero pipeline incidents plan, rolling it out to your entire organization in a systematic way, documenting all actions your company is taking to prevent failures, and holding your company accountable through regular review of the effectiveness of your plan. This leads to constant improvement of your pipeline montoring processes.

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