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Bracelet Probe - Detection of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Russell NDE Systems Inc. has created an adaptable “Bracelet Probe” (BP) that can adjust quickly and effortlessly to any size of insulated pipe, starting at 3”. The bracelet probe provides a total end to end solution for all of your insulated and fireproofed pipes.

The BP contains sensitive detectors that cover a 10” wide scan path as it is rolled along the exterior of the insulated or fire-proofed pipe or pressure vessel. The detectors measure fluctuations in the electromagnetic (EM) field from an exciter coil that has energized the pipe.

The pipe acts as a conduit for the AC magnetic fields; however, disparities in its thickness impact the effectiveness of how the pipe conducts the fields. In places where the pipe wall is thinner, it cannot carry as much magnetic energy; therefore, the magnetic field around the BP becomes more robust, enabling the corrosion-under-insulation (CUI) to be sensed and sized.

Data from the BP is then fed to a lap-top computer which both exhibits and instantly records the condition of the pipe under the insulation. Screen snapshots can be saved of the 3D color-maps, strip charts and voltage planes which are used to size the CUI.

  • Scan at up to 12 feet per minute.
  • Horizontal and vertical pipes.
  • Fireproofed sphere legs.
  • Fireproofed or insulated vessels and skirts.
  • 10” wide scans cover the whole pipe in a few quadrants.

Don’t let corrosion under fireproofing (CUF) deteriorate the legs holding up your gas storage spheres: Inspect for CUF using either the standard Bracelet Probe or the super-large Bracelet Probe used with our patented robotic crawler.