CCTV System for small diameter oil and gas flow lines or water disposal pipes

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection is the standard straightforward approach for pipe interior inspection. A CCTV camera is mounted on a stiff cable (the same cable used for I-PIT Tools) and is pushed through the pipe to a distance of >300 feet.

The inner surface images of the pipe are recorded for the period of the inspection and the images are then analysed by the field engineer real time. CCTV inspection services are ideal for monitoring pipe constructed with various materials, including metal, concrete, plastic and fibreglass. This particular CCTV system works best in 2” to 4” pipe diameters.


CCTV System Applications:

  • Detection of internal pits in pipelines.
  • Providing visual data on leaks and location of leaks.
  • Providing location of outside connections.
  • Identifying other assets like valves, T- junctions with precise distance information.
  • Providing visual information on the internal pipe condition.
  • Allows operators to investigate unexplained flow restrictions, inspect pipe walls and liners.
  • Assesses internal corrosion of metallic pipes and inspect leak areas to assist repair planning.
  • Allows preliminary and quick assessment of the pipelines.
  • Can be used with I-PIT probes to measure pipe wall thickness

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