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Super IRIS (SIRIS) system now available for distribution worldwide:

Super Iris Technology

IRIS (Internal Rotary Inspection System: originally developed by Shell Developments in the 1980's) is an ultrasonic technique that for many years has been applied on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials and even on non-conductive materials like plastics. In clean tubes, IRIS measures the remaining wall thickness with extreme precision.

IRIS is more accurate than other tube inspection techniques and has the advantage of presenting information about the geometry of defects. Local defects and wall-loss on both sides of the tube can be accurately measured. Defects under support plates can be measured without any limitations.

Our new Super-IRIS ("SIRIS) units are designed to be ideal for inspections of Heat Exchangers Condensers and Chiller tubes. The Super-IRIS is manufactured by our partner Dacon Inspection Services at their research and development center in Asia.

The Super-IRIS provides unparalleled data sampling rates, with live C-scan and easy to operate auto analyzing software and tube mapping, as some of the enhancements.


The probe used in SIRIS examination is made up of a centering device, an ultrasound transducer and a rotating mirror (as pictured below). An ultrasound pulse is generated in the transducer that is mounted on the centre axis. A 45 degree rotating mirror in the probe guides the ultrasound towards the tube wall.

An ultrasound reflection (echo) takes place at the inner and outer walls of the tube. These echoes are reflected back and processed by the equipment. The time between the two echoes represents the wall thickness of the tube.

Knowing the sound velocity in the material under test, the wall thickness can be calculated. Water flow is used to rotate the probe mirror and also provides the couplant between the transducer and the tube wall.

A calibration standard of the same material and dimensions as the tubes to be examined is used to calibrate the IRIS system.

After an inspection an on-site report detailing the condition of each tube is normally presented to the client, including a colour tube sheet map of tubes inspected.

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Screen Capture above shows data from Dacon's IRIS-PIG (DPAT). It is very similar to SIRIS data, but covers much longer distances.

IRIS PIG is available as a service to inspect pipelines from 4" to 48" diameter. For more info:

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