industrial non destructive testing


We manufacture and sell instruments and probes for a variety of NDT applications. We also supply NDT training and design special tools for NDT applications such as well casing, pipeline and boiler water wall tubes.

We offer calibration and repair services for NDT instruments that we manufacture or distribute.

Manufacturers represented include: Sonotron, Sonatest, Dakota, EtherNDE, Dacon, Technofour, TSC, ISL, ACS, Wrapmaster, Inspection Plug Strategies, Speedmaster and more

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industrial pipeline ndt inspection


With over 35 years of NDT inspection experience, Russell NDE offers a variety of specialized inspection services, including: Pipeline inspection for otherwise un-piggable pipelines using special ILI Tools; Boiler tube inspections using internal and external robotic techniques; Hydrogen Reformer Tube inspection; Sphere Leg inspection for CUI detection; Furnace tube inspection for carburization measurement; Heat exchanger tube inspection; Tank Floor inspection; Level-III radiographic film auditing, and more.

We serve customers in Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Fabrication and Municipal infrastructure locally and world wide.

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ndt research and development

R & D

Our skilled Engineering team uses 3D Solid Modeling, Rapid prototyping and in-house numerically controlled machines to design, prototype, manufacture and test new NDT products. Our specialty is electromagnetics; however, we have also developed radiation meters and personal alarms, Radiation Dose Meters, ultrasonic jigs and fixtures, and many types of eddy current and RFT probes. Our designs are recognized by ASTech and Frost and Sullivan as "Best in Class".

Designs of In-Line Inspection Tools are covered by four patents held by our subsidiary: PICA Corp. PICA Corp. offers inspection services for water and waste water pipelines.

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Russell has received two awards from the ASTech Foundation. Both were for industrial innovation.

Russell is Better Business Bureau Accredited. Use our services and buy our products with confidence that we will stand behind them!

Russell's design of its Remote Field Instrument, the Ferroscope, has won acclaim by Frost and Sullivan.