Inspection of Oil Storage Tank Floors from outside the tank.


Oil storage tanks infamously fail due to corrosion of the steel floor.

Russell NDE offers a rapid screening tool to detect corrosion on the top side or bottom side of tank floors while the tank remains in service.

The technique is known as Short Range U.T. (SRUT) and makes use of large transducers which flood the entire thickness of the tank floor from outside the tank on the "chime".

The probe is connected to a Sonotron flaw detector which runs special software to image the annular ring, or the outermost 2m (6-7') of the steel floor.

The annular ring inside the tank is an area that is particularly prone to corrosion attack, and if there is any corrosion of the tank floor, it is likely to be found there.

The test proceeds at a rapid speed of approximately 12"/minute and all images are saved to the on-board memory for analysis off-line if needed.

The Tank can remain in service while the test is conducted

Oil Storage "Tank Farm"