Bracelet Probe - Detection OF Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) or Fireproofing (CUF)

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) or fireproofing (CUF) is one of the most pervasive and difficult issues to prevent and/or detect. Whether it’s insulation or fireproofing covering piping, pipelines, tanks or pressure vessels, the damage caused as a result of unseen corrosion can pose a major threat to your operations. Factors like the external environment, third party damage, or service can directly impact the rate and extent of corrosion. While coatings on metal may be effective for a period, once the coating begins to deteriorate, any moisture held in or under the insulation will inevitably find the failed coating and begin to cause damage.

Russell NDE is familiar with environments that experience consistent, if not extreme, changes either from seasonal differences, or regular shifts in temperature or humidity due to industrial process's. Swelling and contraction of insulation can vary, reducing the effectiveness of the protection provided by coverings.

When all of these factors are taken into consideration, it becomes clear that, without an effective, predictive CUI measurement Tool, the best course of action to protect your equipment is a periodic visual inspection of vulnerable components.  However, visual inspection involves insulation removal and re-installation: a very time consuming and expensive operation.

CUI and CUF inspections with Bracelet Probe can detect if corrosion is hidden and widespread.  Once corrosion has been detected, you can repair your pipes using a surgical, focussed approach, before significant corrosion requires a larger capital outlay.

Russell NDE’s Bracelet Probe is an effective, non-destructive inspection tool. Corrosion is rapidly detected in real time at speeds up to 5 meters/minute through insulation (up to 6.35cm/2.5” thick), fireproofing, and aluminium or stainless-steel jackets.

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The detection of internal corrosion pits on bare or coated pipes can be simply accomplished using the "Bare Pipe Bracelet Probe"

Knowing the exact location of internal pitting so that a spool piece can be replaced in a pipeline, after an ILI run has detected the pitting, can be challenging.  Measuring distance from a reference point above ground can be different from the distance measured inside the pipe.  Usually the location can be located to within one pipe joint length (<60') and the entire joint can be replaced.  Alternatively, the pitting can be accurately detected and sized using the Bracelet Probe.

  • Scan at up to 5 meters per minute.
  • Horizontal and vertical pipes tanks or vessels.
  • Fireproofed sphere legs.
  • Fireproofed or insulated vessels and skirts, storage tanks and towers.
  • 10” wide scans cover the whole pipe in a few swaths.

Don’t let corrosion under fireproofing (CUF) deteriorate the legs holding up your gas storage spheres: Inspect for CUF using either the standard Bracelet Probe or the super-large Bracelet Probe (over 40" wide) used with our patented robotic crawler.

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