Staff Biographies

David Burton

David Burton has a joint M.Sc. in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering.

He’s been a practicing engineer since 2000 and has experience in RFT, UT and the development of other NDT tool systems.

He joined the R&D department as a Mechanical Design/Field Engineer in February of 2011, and has had the chance to work on 3 continents with Russell NDE.

In his off time he enjoys sculpting, inventing and practical special fx. He also has been certified by the Thai government as a mahout (elephant rider).



Edward Brain

Ed was "Born Proudly Canadian" and educated in England, went to Derby Tech for Mechanical Engineering.

Started NDE with Babcock & Wilcox in 1974 (at a very early age) as a Radiographer, but found Ultrasonic far more interesting.

Has CGSB in RT, UT PT and MT, and specializes in UT and has developed several data acquisition systems.

Joined Russell NDE in September 2004 and manage the sales for Russell and PICA in Quebec and other eastern Provinces.

Personal interests after family are anything mechanical with an engine and digital science, so I am a member of AMOC and enjoy track day.

Aston Day at Lime Rock Park

Vincent Shen

Vincent lives with his wife and children in Vancouver and manages the Russell operations in China.

Since joining Russell Vince has been responsible for technical sales of Russell products, specializing in RFT equipment – Ferroscope 308 and focusing on applications of Heat Exchanger tubes, Boiler tubes and Oil & Gas pipelines (2003-2005).

Vincent is now Russell's Marketing Director in Asia-Pacific region for RFT equipment sales and pipeline inspection services (2005- current) and in addition:

Project Manager of raw water pipeline condition assessment project in Taiwan, PCCP pipes, 110 inch in diameter, 54 KM in length, Electromagnetic RFEC/TC Technology (conducted by Russell NDE’s partner) (2006-2007).

Project Manager of two sub-marine pipelines condition assessment project in Hong Kong, steel pipes, DN300 in diameter, 6 KM in length, RFT In-Line Inspection Technology (2010).

Co-Project Manager of one offshore pipeline condition assessment trial project for COOEC company, steel pipes, 12 inch in diameter, 80 meters test loop, UT In-Line Inspection Technology (2012).

Co-Project Manager of two offshore platform riser pipelines condition assessment project for CNOOC Shanghai company, two steel riser pipes, 8 inch in diameter, 120 meters long using tethered RFT In-Line Inspection Technology (2013).

Co-Project Manager of four offshore pipelines condition assessment project for Conoco Philips China company, steel pipes, 24 inch in diameter, 18 KM total length, MFL In-Line Inspection Technology (2013).

In the photos (right, at bottom), Vincent is enjoying a family boating trip. The other photo is of the famous Chinese Terra-Cotta army.

The underground Terra-Cotta Warriors are located at Xi’an and were buried about 2,200 years ago. 1868 warriors are identified so far.

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Dave Russell, Founder

Dave started in the NDT services business in 1964 in Liverpool, UK. He immigrated to our great country in 1966 and worked for four years for Warnock Hersey Int'l, and Hanson Materials Engineering (now Acuren). Dave soon had his Canadian Citizenship and CGSB tickets in Radiography, Ultrasonics and Eddy Current inspection techniques.

He founded what is now Russell NDE Systems Inc. in 1972, and has loved the experience of growing a company and working with great people.  NDT has been the second love of his life: second only to his wife (Julie) of 45 years and his 3 kids and 9 grandkids.

Dave loves the outdoors and particularly enjoys "time at the lake" where he canoes, motor boats, quads (right with grandson, Dylin), and golfs

Dave is now a "Fellow" of the Canadian Society of NDT, and has been Vice Chair of the Electromagnetics Committee of ASNT.  He has also taught NDT at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology), as well as many RFT training classes for Russell NDE.  He contributed to the Electromagnetics Handbook, RFT section, and the ASNT TC-1A training standards. He is named on several patents for RFT and believes that it is perhaps the most important NDT development of his career



Julie Russell: Co-Founder

Julie and Dave founded what was then Russell Ultra-Sound Services Inc., in 1972. The company worked out of a van and from home.  Julie managed the books, typing, secretarial, phone answering and dispatching crews...all with three little kids running around.

As the company grew, Julie continued to do all of the accounting and payroll until the sale of several of the company's divisions in the early 2000's. Since then, she has taken on the responsibilities of property manager and special grandma to her nine grandchildren.

Julie has always been full of fun and puts family first.  She is the kind of person who brings a warm glow into every situation and always puts a positive spin on any situation.

Dave and Julie celebrated their 55th anniversary in 2023.