CCTV and laser profile SystemS for Pipeline condition assessment

CCTV (Closed-circuit television) crawler inspection is an industry go-to for pipe interior inspection. A CCTV camera is mounted on an IBAK crawler with a 1000' cable which transmits the high-resolution images to an above-ground computer and display.  Continuous video is recorded as the crawler carries the CCTV unit through the pipe. The crawler can be stopped at any time and the CCTV camera can be rotated and the area of interest "zoomed" to reveal fine details.

The inner surface images of the pipe are recorded in real time for the period of the inspection and the videos are then analysed by the field engineer immediately. CCTV inspection services are ideal for monitoring pipe constructed with various materials, including metal, concrete, plastic and fibreglass. This particular CCTV system works best in 6” (150mm) to 60” (1524mm) pipe diameters.

A laser profiler attachment can be added to enable precise inner dimensions of the pipe.  Features such as welds, taps, branches and debris can be imaged and measured by the laser.  Typically customers use it to accuratley measure pipe deflections caused by dents, wrinkles and freeze-bulges

CCTV Brochure

Laser Profilometer Brochure

CCTV and Laser Profilometer System Applications:

  • Detection and measurement of internal corrosion pits in pipelines.
  • Providing visual data on location of leaks.
  • Providing location and clock position of outside connections.
  • Identifying other features such as valves, T- junctions and elbows with precise distance information.
  • Providing visual information on the internal pipe condition including debris and tubercles.
  • Allows operators to investigate unexplained flow restrictions caused by blockages or dents.
  • Measure internal diameter to determine severity of dents or bulges
  • Identify changes in pipe material
  • Record the opening and closing of valves
  • Can be used with pipe wall thickness probes and leak detectors

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