Remote Field Technology (RFT)

Ferroscope 308 RFT / ECT System

The world's most sophisticated Remote Field Testing System for NDT of tubes, pipes, & plate.
Winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Remote Field Testing Product Leadership Award.


  • Non-destructive inspection of ferrous and non-ferrous heat exchanger tubes
  • For tube inside diameter 0.250 inch (6.35mm) and up
  • Common usage includes NDT of heat exchanger tubes, boiler tubes and furnace tubes (carburization detection)
  • Used in power generation, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and petro chemical plants
  • Supports partial saturation (Saturn probes) and TT Technology for superheater exfoliation detection
  • Small bore pipeline applications (2" to 8" diameter)
  • Complies with ASTM standard practice E2096.05 for RFT (Remote Field Testing) of ferrous exchanger tubes
  • Designed to meet many special applications such as pipe inspection from the inside or outside


  • Fast probe pull speed
  • Wizard for software set-up
  • Superb pit detection capabilities
  • Dual exciter probes for high sensitivity near tube supports
  • High-quality, low noise instrumentation for a wide variety of applications
  • Backed by Russell's highly-rated RFT training and technical support

Adept-Pro and Easy-Log Software

  • Integrates examination planning, data acquisition, analysis, and report generation
  • Voltage plane display and analysis for maximum flaw information
  • Specialized Remote Field analysis channels including support plate suppression and uniform wall loss signal filter
  • Real-time interface to Tube-Pro software for colour tube sheet map updating.

Ferroscope TT instrument

  • Inspect stainless steel superheater tubes for internal flakes from exfoliation
  • Super-critical boiler application
  • Magnetic flakes accumulate in the bottom of the pendants and eventually choke off the steam flow leading to tube failure
  • Special TT probes for all sizes of superheater tubes


  • Our experienced trainers are available for a custom training course at your facility or ours
  • ASNT-TC-1A eligible courses in RFT and ECT
  • Certificate courses


Equip your Ferroscope 308 with a wide selection of accessories.

  • I-Pit Probes for pipeline inspections from the inside (2"-6" pipe size)
  • E-Pit Probes for pipe inspection to detect internal pits
  • VertiScan System including TubeCAT Wall Crawler for boiler water wall tube inspections 
  • Bracelet Probes for CUI detection or bare pipe inspection
  • CIRC E-PIT probes for carburization detection

Additional Information

  • Awards: Russell NDE has won two ASTech Awards for Industrial Design plus a Frost and Sullivan award for Best Practices.
  • Both awards relate to RFT technology employed in the Ferroscope and other Russell products.

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