Pipeline Inspection-Our Commitment to Our Customer

Russell NDE's position as a leader in the non-destructive testing industry is in no small way a result of our commitment to obtaining results for our customers. 

Our company has been so successful because we are dedicated to using the best technology, hiring the most competent employees, and conducting research and development; all for the benefit of our customers. This has kept us competitive and our services some of the most valuable in the industry today. 

We Use the Best Technology

Russell NDE is committed to using the most efficient and effective technology available. This ensures that customers receive accurate analysis and credible results from the inspections conducted by our technicians. We recognize that pipeline safety is incredibly important and our work needs to be thorough and adhere to strict standards. Our tools are a considerable reason why we can deliver such exceptional outcomes.

We Shine in Research and Development

Research and development is one of the crowing jewels of Russell NDE. If a client comes to us with a pipeline inspection problem, Russell NDE is there with the solution (even if it doesn't exist yet!) This department is a major priority for our business and will continue to be so into the future. It drives the creation of new products and best practices that allows our company to stay current and innovative.

We Hire the Most Competent Employees

Frontline employees are the backbone of our company. Our technicians are highly trained and CGSB certified in their chosen NDT trade. Russell NDE continues to develop employee's knowledge throughout their employment by supporting them to constantly improve their knowledge. We want them to take additional courses, and become lifelong learners. Russell NDE feels so strongly about employee education and credentials that we pay for training, exams, and certifications that are relevant to the career path of each employee.

You can become a satisfied customer of Russell NDE. We are committed to providing superior pipeline inspection services to every organization that hires us. Call us at 1(800) 661-0127 if you need more information on our products and services.