Heat Exchagers

Inspection of heat exchanger tubes using RFT or ECT

heat exchangers ndt inspection

Heat exchanger tubes are prone to a variety of degradation defects which often lead to failure.

We manufacture heat exchanger probes to mate with our own and competitor's equipment to inspect both ferrous and non-ferrous tubes. Our RFT probes can be single or dual exciter, absolute, differential or array.

Our ECT probes can be reflection bobbin style, pitch-catch or array.

Special probes are also available for fin-fan (air-fin) cooler tubes. These are either partial saturation eddy-current, or Saturn RFT probes.

heat exchanger ndt inspection

The photo at left shows a heat exchanger inspection in progress and the photo above shows one form of tube degradation known as baffle cutting

Other forms of degradation are:

  • De-alloying
  • Fretting
  • Internal and external pitting
  • Inlet erosion
  • Steam erosion
  • Fatigue cracking

Heat exchangers that have straight or U-Bend tubes can be inspected with our rigid or flexible probe.

Services are provided by customers who buy our equipment and have offices in your local area, or can be provided directly by Russell NDE if no local service is available.

Tube types that can be inspected include (not limited to);

  • Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Cupro-nickel
  • Carbon steel, Nickel, Magnetic Stainless, spun-cast S/S etc.

Heat exchanger tubing inspection services around the world are available from our many customers of instruments and probes, including:

  • Acuren (Echo)
  • APlus RTD
  • BLC (China)
  • Dexon (Far East)
  • FGG
  • Intico (Australia)
  • Metalogic
  • Ontario Power
  • Saudi Aramco (Mid East)
  • Spectrum
  • Team

Alternatively, if no local services are available, call Russell NDE for direct services

For more info please call 1-800-661-0127; +1 (780) 468-6800; info@russelltech.com