Russell NDE:Your World Leader in Ultrasonic Inspection

Russell NDE: Your Ultrasonic Inspection Experts

For over 40 years, Russell NDE technologies has been one of the world’s foremost sources for ultrasonic inspection technologies, servicing clients across both the United States and Canada. As both a manufacturer and distributor of NDE solutions, our team is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta and specializes in NDE technology that allows for the safe, efficient and reliable inspection of pipes, boilers and more, all with minimal disruption to plant operations. Russell NDE’s products make it easy for clients to evaluate pressure components, identify existing damage and ultimately stop disaster in its tracks before it has a chance to happen.

How to Prevent O&G Pipeline Failures

Do you know the fitness for service state of your pipelines? With summer well underway and a constant flux of temperature changes and precipitation affecting the region, Alberta’s oil and gas pipelines are facing a prime environment for the development of soil-side corrosion at any break in the coating along with under-scale corrosion, CO-2 corrosion along with main other types inside the main.. Left undetected, these culprits can cause millions of dollars worth of damages with cracks, leaks, and other issues slowly developing until it becomes too late to stop an inevitable failure. At Russell NDE, our passion is to provide clients around the world with safe, reliable, and efficient methods of NDT inspection that help to eliminate such risks by giving you an accurate depiction of the state of your lines well in advance of any disasters. Below, we’ll highlight a few other ways you can spot early signs of damage to a line, as well as the value of regular inspections. Read on to learn more!

Super-IRIS Inspection: available from Russell NDE Systems Inc.

Fast, accurate, dependable: meet Dacon’s Super Iris (SIRIS) NDT tool! As a world-leading manufacturer and provider of NDT tools and inspections, Russell NDE is proud to continuously partner with the top names in the non-destructive inspection industry to offer our clients access to the best solutions available. Alongside our robust inventory of products produced in-house at our Edmonton, Alberta headquarters, Russell NDE acts as a supplier for Dacon’s SIRIS tool. As one of the most accurate methods of inspection available, SIRIS is a valuable asset to add to your NDT Toolbox. Learn more about SIRIS detection below!

Your World Leader in NDT Inspection

Are you in need of reliable NDT testing and evaluation for your pipelines, boilers, heat exchanger tubing and more? Tired of dealing with the aftermath of costly failures, undetected damage, and other headaches caused by insufficient inspection? Russell NDE Systems is here to help. As an award-winning leader in the NDT inspection and production industry, our team provides exceptional services trusted by clients in the Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Chemical, Mining, and Energy sectors, as well as many more worldwide. With an unbeatable roster of tools created here in-house on hand for every job, you can count on us to get the job done efficiently and accurately, no matter the task at hand. Learn more about the benefits of NDT inspection, as well as working with Russell NDE, below.

Mitigating the Risk Of CUI On Insulated Pipe

Spring is in the air, and the seasonal thaw has started. As regular precipitation returns to North America this increase of humidity poses a huge risk for pipes that are vulnerable to Corrosion Under Insulation, or as it is more commonly identified, CUI. Each year, undetected CUI issues cause millions of dollars of damage due to pipe failures, flooding, and other such issues. Knowing what to look for, as well as the causes of CUI can help you catch rust and corrosion before it has the chance to progress to pipe failure. Learn more about CUI below, as well as some key ways to detect early signs of it.