APPLUS RTD send four techs for RFT training in Edmonton

In December of 2019, Applus RTD sent four technicians from different parts of the USA for training on Remote Fied Testing (RFT).

The Technicians were: Gilberto Lima (Connecticut), Niles Harlan (New York), Akinifemi Ilori (New York) and Juan Zuniga (Sunny California).

Doctor Yu provided the training and Ankit Vajpayee (VP Global Marketing) made the arrangements.


Mitigating The Risks Of Corrosion Under Insulation With Russell NDE Systems

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is one of the most pervasive issues faced by pipes, boilers, storage tanks and pressure vessels that are susceptible to moisture from rain, high humidity and fog. Corrosion costs business over $2,505,000,000 each year, and places lives, the environment, and production at risk. In addition to tying up countless man-hours with repairs and clean-up, an estimated 40-60% of piping repair costs are spent in treating or addressing the aftermath of CUI failures. Learn more about the causes of CUI below, as well as a unique preventive inspection technology below.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection At Russell NDE Systems

At Russell NDE Systems, we are proud to be a world leader when it comes to the manufacturing and supply of high-end NDT equipment for a wide variety of applications spanning multiple industries. Among our inventory, you’ll find some of the most innovative and reliable solutions for the safe inspection of pipelines, boiler tubes, tanks and pressure vessels, and more. Included in this selection are ultrasonic flaw detectors from Sonotron NDT.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges At Russell NDE

As nondestructive testing continues as the industry preference for the inspection of pipelines, storage vessels, boiler tubes, and more, ultrasonic thickness gauges have risen in prominence as a highly useful tool for measuring the thickness of materials from one side. Ultrasonic thickness gauging is fast, accurate, versatile, and dependable, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.