Russell NDE: North America’s Source for In-Line Pipe Inspection

Inspection of pipelines from 3" to 78"

Are you up to date on the inspection and maintenance of your pipelines? Routine in-line inspection of pipelines is a crucial part of protecting against leaks, breaks and failures, as well as ensuring the optimal performance of your daily operations. While exterior examination can reveal immediate concerns such as areas of corrosion and dents, internal inspections help to reveal hidden dangers by providing a clear evaluation of the state of your pipes and allowing you to take action before major incidences occur. As a world leader in the pipeline inspection industry, Russell NDE manufactures award-winning products, including our SeeSnake tools, that make the inspection of cement-lined, PE lined, epoxy and other kinds of lined pipelines easy. Learn more about our pigging and in-line inspection technologies below.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges: A Quick Overview

Thickness gauging with precision

Have you discovered the benefits of nondestructive testing? As the preferred method for pipelines, boilers, pressure vessels and storage tank evaluations, ultrasonic thickness gauges are trusted by industry leaders all over the world to provide accurate thickness readings that help prevent internal wall loss and pitting from leading to disastrous results. Since being introduced in the 1940's ultrasonic technology has rapidly developed into a fast, reliable and versatile method of evaluation that is utilized today with miniature instruments that offer flawless results in double quick time. Suitable for use with metals, plastic, composites, fibreglass and more, Ultrasonic gauges are an invaluable resource for material thickness evaluation. Learn more about how they work, as well as the models available from Russell NDE Systems, below.