Eddy Current Testing And More With The Russell NDE Ferroscope

The most versatile RFT/ECT Instrument: Ferroscope 308

Russell NDE Systems is proud to be one of the world’s foremost leaders in non-destructive evaluation. As an award-winning manufacturer and inspection service provider, we offer clients access to our unparalleled roster of innovative technologies and a team of experts. Since the mid-1980s, Russell has become a trusted source for clients spanning the globe in a wide range of industries and applications. Learn more about our solutions, including the Ferroscope 308 RFT/ECT system.

Preventing Costly Boiler Failures with Vertiscan

Why inspect Boiler Tubes?

Are you up to date with your boiler inspection? Boiler water tube failures are a common cause of issues that can result in unscheduled shut downs, breaks, and other kinds of damage that lead to costly repairs and disruption of service. Russell NDE Systems is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacture of non-destructive inspection technology for the inspection of boiler walls for customers worldwide. For those who may be experiencing issues with their boilers, or that have gone without inspection them for a considerable period of time, you may run the risk of harboring undetected damage. Below is a quick overview of some of the aggravating factors that can lead to boiler tube failures, as well as information regarding Russell NDE’s VertiScan Inspection System.

Ground Penetrating Radar Inspection at Russell NDE Systems

With the infrastructure industry always expanding to accommodate new developments and renovations, the need for advanced survey technologies has been steadily increasing. With structures becoming more complex, engineers face growing demands when it comes to accurately planning out and designing the placement of concrete slabs, as well as detecting hidden hazards like power lines, post-tension cables, heat tubes, rebar, and more.

Laser Pipe Profiling: Your Key To Accurate Internal Analysis

When it comes to guaranteeing the health and longevity of your pipeline, an internal examination is a vital asset. Inspecting the interior of your line regularly allows you to detect early signs of damage including cracks, corrosion, denting, and more. Russell NDE Systems is a world leader in NDT services. With revolutionary technology and over 40 years of expertise on our side, Russell is proud to assist our customers with pipeline inspection across the globe. Learn more about one very effective form of pipe interior assessment: CCTV and Laser Profiling technology, below.

Russell NDE Systems: The World’s Leader For Eddy Current and RFT Inspection

Learn what makes the Ferroscope the Go-TO instrument

For over 40 years, Russell NDE Systems has proudly developed a reputation as a driving force for innovation and superior products and services in the NDT industry. With leading technology and services, we’re proud to partner with clients from around the world, helping them to safely and accurately assess the condition of their equipment, plant and pipelines, mitigating the risk of large scale failures or damage in the process. Learn more about one of our standout technologies, the Ferroscope 308 RFT / ECT Instrument, below.