Preventing Costly Boiler Failures with Vertiscan
Monday, November 25, 2019

Preventing Costly Boiler Failures with Vertiscan

Why inspect Boiler Tubes?

Are you up to date with your boiler inspection? Boiler water tube failures are a common cause of issues that can result in unscheduled shut downs, breaks, and other kinds of damage that lead to costly repairs and disruption of service. Russell NDE Systems is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacture of non-destructive inspection technology for the inspection of boiler walls for customers worldwide. For those who may be experiencing issues with their boilers, or that have gone without inspection them for a considerable period of time, you may run the risk of harboring undetected damage. Below is a quick overview of some of the aggravating factors that can lead to boiler tube failures, as well as information regarding Russell NDE’s VertiScan Inspection System.

Causes Of Boiler Tube Failures

Boiler wall tubes suffer from many forms of degradation while in service. Water wall tubes can suffer from hydrogen damage, pitting, ash and soot blower erosion, graphitization, under-deposit corrosion, thermal fatigue and more. Without the proper tools or inspection protocols in place, such issues can quickly compromise the integrity of the tubes, leading to costly shutdowns and disruption to the entire boiler. Whether degradation is caused by highly aggressive environmental conditions or stresses caused by external loads or uneven cooling throughout the system, knowing the condition of your boilers saves time, money, and helps to ensure a safe worksite for all.

VertiScan™: Making Boiler Inspection Simple

With years of experience under our belt, Russell NDE knows the value of ensuring expedited, reliable, inspections for our clients. Our team takes pride in creating technology that enhances the evaluation process, such as the state of the art VertiScan™ System. Developed to quickly detect and report multiple forms of degradation, including pitting, thermal fatigue cracking, under deposit corrosion, and hydrogen damage. VertiScan is a robotic system that scans up to five tubes at once at speeds up to 5m (15’)/min.

Extremely efficient, the VertiScan eliminates the need to scaffold boilers, and relays real time data of the scan on a color map that clearly outlines any degraded areas. For added clarity, indications found during the inspection are further checked with visual and ultrasonic techniques where tubes are accessible.

Transparency Equals Peace of Mind

Don’t let your boilers become at risk for sudden failures. Speak with Russell NDE to book your inspection today.


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