GPR: Advantages, Methods and Applications

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used in a variety of applications: detecting natural or construction features within man-made structures or beneath the ground. This technology has the advantage of detecting metallic and non-metallic materials to produce high resolution maps that can be viewed at different depths within the scanned material. GPR services are provided by Russell NDE Systems Inc. for concrete imaging. 


CUI: the hidden killer

With the insulation in place, this pipe looked perfectly fine!  There was no way to tell that the corrosion was quite advanced, and that the pipe could barely hold its design pressure.  It was just a matter of time before it failed, releasing hydrocarbons into the atmosphere with a high risk of a fire.

This customer knew that CUI was a risk that needed to be mitigated.  He chose to try the new CUI Bracelet Probe detection system from Russell NDE and liked it so much that he wrote a report and put the report in a newsletter.  Read that here.


New "Multigroup" software from Sonotron NDT

See Phased Array sector scan like never before

Sonotron are famous for developing software applications that permit the perfect imaging of where reflectors are situated in a component being inspected.  See video here

Their new MULTIGROUP T software is no exception.  For a demo of this amazing app, contact us at and ask for Michael.