Russell NDE Systems: Your Source For Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

iSonic model 3510 from Russell NDE Systems Inc.

In need of NDT solutions you can trust? As an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of top NDT equipment, Russell NDE systems is proud to offer our clients around the globe access to solutions that you can depend on when it matters most. From the products we produce right out of our Edmonton, Alberta headquarters to maintaining close connections with fellow industry leaders like Sonotron NDT, you can count on Russell NDE to be your first choice provider for all things NDT. Among our inventory, you’ll find some of the most innovative and reliable solutions for the safe inspection of pipelines, boiler tubes, tanks and pressure vessels, and more, including Sonotron’s ISONIC 3510. Learn more about this innovative ultrasonic flaw detection technology below!

Corrosion Under Insulation: What You Need to Know

Is CUI eating your lunch and your pipes?

Are you staying on top of the fight against CUI? Each year, Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) goes undetected on pipe, towers, storage tanks and vessels, leading to millions of dollars worth of damage when inevitable failures and breakages occur. As one of the most pervasive and difficult issues facing today’s process piping, CUI presents an immense amount of risk both from a safety and financial aspect if left undetected. Thankfully, using tools like Russell NDE’s bracelet probe and Eddy Current technology, getting an accurate view of the state of your pipes makes it easy to detect early signs of corrosion and stop the spread before extensive damage has the chance to set in. Below, we’ll explore some of the biggest risk factors for CUI, as well as provide a brief overview as to how both our bracelet probe and eddy current technology work. Read on to learn more

What Are the Benefits of GPR Surveying?

Are you in need of innovative solutions that allow you to safely and efficiently survey concrete slabs and conduct an analysis of subsurface defects and voids? Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a cost-effective way of conducting scans and imaging, as well as identifying hidden hazards, such as power lines, heating tubes, rebar and more. Despite being one of the more recent additions to the NDT field, GPR offers exceptional performance on concrete structures without destroying them, and without disrupting your overall operation. As a leading provider and developer of NDT technology, Russell NDE is proud to utilize NDE technology in our evaluation services. Learn more about the benefits of GPR and how it works below!