What Are the Benefits of GPR Surveying?
Monday, February 8, 2021

What Are the Benefits of GPR Surveying?

Are you in need of innovative solutions that allow you to safely and efficiently survey concrete slabs and conduct an analysis of subsurface defects and voids? Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a cost-effective way of conducting scans and imaging, as well as identifying hidden hazards, such as power lines, heating tubes, rebar and more. Despite being one of the more recent additions to the NDT field, GPR offers exceptional performance on concrete structures without destroying them, and without disrupting your overall operation. As a leading provider and developer of NDT technology, Russell NDE is proud to utilize NDE technology in our evaluation services. Learn more about the benefits of GPR and how it works below!

What is GPR

As mentioned above, ground-penetrating radar is a form of NDT surveying. GPR uses low-level electromagnetic radiation to detect reflections from buried or encased structures. GPR units consists of both a transmitter and receiver antenna which are connected to a signal processing unit. The GPR emits an electromagnetic (radar) pulse set to a specific frequency that allows it to penetrate the surface and penetrate the full slab thickness. This pulse reflects waves back from features in the slab, and the resulting data allows you to detect internal objects at different depths.

While GPR was originally used to map pipelines and archeological sites, it is now heavily relied upon by those in the utility and construction industries due to its refined ability to identify hidden details within concrete slabs.


Ground-penetrating radar offers a wide range of benefits including speed and accuracy. The electromagnetic pulse used does not pose any health hazards, and real-time data can be received in minutes. Key perks to using GPR services include:

  • Speed: 24" x 24" scans are done in minutes
  • Can see through up to 12" of concrete floor pads
  • Cost-effective, low labour component
  • Shippable, light instrumentation
  • Special detection of power cables and heating pipes with aux detectors
  • Self-contained, quiet operation

Accuracy When it Matters

One of the predominant benefits of GPR is its ability to analyze slices at varying depths with flawless accuracy, even in congested spaces. The efficiency of the electromagnetic survey allows for large areas to be mapped with ease, and results are instant. GPR can see through up to 12” of concrete, making it easy to image pipes and utility trays, and the resulting colour maps give you a comprehensive representation of what lies beneath. Additionally, the harmless nature of the radiation used in GPR evaluation makes it suitable for use in public settings and allows your team to operated it safely and confidently.

GPR At Russell NDE Systems

Russell NDE Systems is proud to be a supplier of industry-leading technology and services when it comes to safe and reliable inspection. We offer GPR inspection for a wide range of applications spanning multiple industries. Contact our team today to learn more.