Eddy Current Technology (ECT)

We offer several solutions for Eddy Current Testing:

RFT and ECT Portable Instruments

RFT has traditionally been used in carbon steel tubing, which is difficult to examine by eddy current testing (ECT). While RFT is primarily used to examine ferrous tubes it may often be used successfully on high conductivity, non-ferrous tube materials such as copper, brass, cupro-nickel and aluminum.

Eddy Current instruments are generally used to inspect non-ferrous tubing in heat exchangers and perform material sorting, crack detection and corrosion detection on aircraft and other parts.

Ferroscope  308 RFT / ECT Instrument

The Ferroscope RFT / ECT instrument allows the use of RFT probes as well as ECT standard bobbin probes; pitch-catch probes; partial saturation (SATURN) probes; TT (through transmission) probes; I-PIT and E-PIT probes, CIRC E-PIT and several other specialty type probes.

The Ferroscope can support up to 32 coil channels of RFT or ECT data. These multi-channel, multi-frequency options allow the Ferroscope to be used for array applications such as VertiScan, E-PIT, FloorScan, I-PIT, internal tube array and surface scanning applications.

The Ferroscope 308ET System, comes with industry-leading EasyLog Pro ™ Software and built-in software for tube sheet mapping ("TSM"). Simply photograph the exchange and import it into TSM to create an instant tube sheet map.

The Ferroscope 308 RFT / ECT is the latest in a distinguished line of electro-magnetic testing instruments which have revolutionized equipment maintenance in such industries as oil and gas, power, petrochemical, and pulp and paper. 

Ferroscope has been named " Best in Class " by Frost and Sullivan



Removable Head ECT Probes


A full line of removable head eddy current probes are available.

All probes are compatible with other manufacturers eddy current instruments

Shafts (cables) are durable and made to the "Goldilocks Principle" (not too stiff, not to soft, but just right)

For more info write info@russelltech.com





On-Line Eddy Current Systems


TECHNOFOUR Flawmark-EX is an on-line eddy current system for NDT of bars, tubes and wires. It works 24/7 in your factory to detect manufacturing defects and provide quality assurance documentation for your customers.

Flawmark-EX can detect cracks, pin-holes, open welds, voids, inclusions, concentrated porosity, weld defects, slivers, opened up skin laminations, deep pittings as well as mechanical damage in metal tubes, bars and wires.

Ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic as well as austenitic materials can be inspected by the system in Online, Offline, Inline and Spool-to-spool configurations. 

The inspection can be carried out as per API, ASTM, DIN, BS, ETTC, JIS, IS or other standards. All data is logged to a Hard Disk. Test reports can be generated in Microsoft Excel format.

Flawmark-EX is a highly advanced thoroughbred from theTechnofour stables. This seventh generation Flawmark keeps you connected no matter where you might be in the world.

You can connect to it from intranet or internet and view test signals and results in real time. It can even send you E-mails at your scheduled times with all test data, statistics and error conditions.

An SPC display is available for online systems that shows the history of your mill up to the past 24 hours, with eddy current signals. The system also supports remote diagnostics over TCP / IP.

An absolute channel can be configured for Online systems for detection of open welds etc. Multifrequency and multichannel options are available for advanced use.






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