Services Overview

All personnel are qualified to CGSB or ASNT TC-1A, and operate in accordance with written procedures. Test blocks and calibrations are traceable to NIST Standards.

Pipeline pigging using special ILI Tools; Boiler tube inspections using internal and external techniques; Hydrogen Reformer Tube inspection; Furnace tube inspection; Exchanger tube inspection; Tank Floor inspection and many more.

Services are offered world-wide to industries as diverse as:

  • Oil and Gas Refineries
  • Pipelines
  • Chemical and Fertilizer Plants
  • Mines
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Municipalities (Water and Sewer lines)
  • Military and Shipping
  • Power Plants

Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection Services

Russell NDE Systems Inc. offers services directly for oil, gas and slurry pipelines and especially for steel pipelines that contain liners of cement mortar, HDPE, PE and epoxy. We also inspect other "unpiggable" pipelines such as those with low flow or elbows.


Large diameter water & sewer pipeline inspection services

36” to 90” steel or cast iron water or sewer pipelines inspected. Defects detected include corrosion pitting (inside or out). Can “see” through cement liners and scale. Offered through our PICA subsidiary:


Boiler Tube Inspection Services

Boiler water-wall tubes inspected with robotic deployment (TubeCAT crawler). Defects detected: internal wall loss due to graphitization, under-scale pitting. Hydrogen damage, thermal fatigue, flame and soot blower erosion, blisters and “elephant-hide” Sales and service of equipment.


Heat Exchanger Tubing Inspection Services

Carbon steel and non-ferrous tubes inspected using state-of-the-art equipment (Ferroscope 308). Technique development and auditing. These services are usually offered through customers who own our equipment near to the job site or can be provided directly by Russell.


Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Inspection Services

Corrosion can now be rapidly detected under insulation on piping, tanks and pressure vessels through aluminium and stainless steel jackets using our Bracelet Probe. Insulation thickness up to 2.5". Results are real-time and scanning speed is up to 5m/minute.


Hydrogen Reformer Tube Inspection Services

Spun-cast stainless steel piping, typically used in Hydrogen Reformers is subject to high-temperature creep damage. Unique H-Scan technology is offered through Russell by H-Scan Int'l Inc., to inspect Reformer tubes, using robotic deployment.

Visit the HSI site

Coker Furnace Tube Inspection with Access from Outside of the Tube

Cokers contain tubes (known as coils) carrying hydrocarbons which are heated by means of gas burners as they pass through the furnace. On the flame (hot) side of the tube, internal coke deposits can build up, and next to these, in the tube wall, carburization takes place. The carburized material has less ductility than the virgin material and eventually can rupture.

The solution:

Carburization can be detected by electromagnetic and ultrasonic means. Russell NDE offers rapid scanning of Furnace tubes using E-PIT probes followed by TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction) to accurately size the case depth of carburized material.


Ultrasonic Inspection Services

Corrosion inspections and flaw detection services using Phased Array and TOFD techniques are offered through our worldwide customers or directly by Russell NDE. Typical applications are:

  • Weld inspection;
  • Boiler tube inspection;
  • Bridge Structure inspections

Sales and service of ultrasonic equipment


Detection of Corrosion Under Concrete: Sphere Legs

Sphere Legs can now be inspected for corrosion-under-concrete, using our Bracelet Probe. Scanning speed of 5min/minute. Colour map display in real time showing corrosion and studs.


Level-III Audit of Radiographs

Our CGSB and ASNT qualified Level-III auditors ensure that your radiographic contractor is delivering high-quality, code-compliant workmanship.

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