Inspection of Jetty pipelines

In many parts of the world, ships are used to export or import crude oil and refined products. Often the tankers are loaded, or discharge their cargos to Jettys (floating docks that are anchored in navigable water depths) which are connected to shore facilities by pipelines. These Jetty Lines are often fairly short and are not equipped with launch and receive barrels for smart pigs.  They also have elbows and internal liners, making their inspection with traditional in-line inspection tools challenging.

24" offshore oil lines inspected successfully

Russell NDE Systems Inc, working together with COOEC and PipeSurvey International has completed the sub-sea inspection of four 24" oil and multiphase pipelines in the Bohai Sea. The pipelines varied in length from 2.1 to 9.2km and in each case the inspection process proceeded very smoothly under PipeSurvey management.

Russell Group Invited To Address NACE San Francisco Section Meeting

Aging Infrastructure Asset Evaluation Using Advanced Pipe Condition Assessment Technologies

Learn why globally, one-third of our filtered, chlorinated and pumped water never reaches its destination and how proactively performing preventative maintenance (Direct Condition Assessment – DCA) using advanced electromagnetic In-Line Inspection (ILI) Technologies can reduce the risk of failure in aging pipelines.