The Ferroscope 308: The Best Tube Inspection Kit

At Russell NDE, we take pride in producing award winning technology that allows for safe, efficient, and industry leading inspection results to be collected. One such device is our Ferroscope 308 RFT/ECT system. As the most sophisticated NDT system for the inspection of tubes, pipes, and plates and the winner of the Frost and Sullivan 2011 Global Remote Field Testing Product Leadership award, this device has made significant strides within the NDT industry. Learn more about it below.

Corrosion Under Insulation: Inspect to Protect

With colder weather upon us, increased humidity, rain and condensation can wreak havoc on insulation and leave your pipes vulnerable to Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). CUI is one of the most detrimental and pervasive issues in the process industry, and when left undetected can lead to pipe failures, safety issues, as well as costly side effects. Learn more about CUI and how you can catch it early below.

Detecting Dents in Pipelines

Denting of pipelines is a significant challenge faced by those in the Oil & Gas industry, due to the thin-walled steel commonly used to make the pipe. Handling and construction can often result in dents that leave the pipe vulnerable to costly repairs or pipeline failure if left undetected for a long period of time.

Russell/PICA score high on COR audit

A recent "COR" audit by a third party has resulted in Russell and PICA achieving a score of 97%!

Carrie Williams, Director of Safety for both companies said "This result validates the efficacy of the safety program at the Russell Group of companies"


GPR: Advantages, Methods and Applications

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used in a variety of applications: detecting natural or construction features within man-made structures or beneath the ground. This technology has the advantage of detecting metallic and non-metallic materials to produce high resolution maps that can be viewed at different depths within the scanned material. GPR services are provided by Russell NDE Systems Inc. for concrete imaging.