CUI and Touch Point Corrosion: What You Need to Know

CUI and Touch-Point corrosion account for 60% of Refinery piping failures

Do you know the dangers of CUI and touchpoint corrosion? Each year, undetected corrosion leads to millions of dollars worth of damage and is directly tied to approximately 60% of pipe leaks in refineries. Simply put, if you’re not on the lookout for corrosion, it’s only a matter of time until you find yourself facing some significant problems. As one of the world leaders in NDT inspection, Russell NDE offers safe and reliable NDT resources for CUI and touch point corrosion, making it easy to stay on top of damage before disaster strikes. Learn some of the basics of dealing with CUI and touch point corrosion below!

Exploring CCTV Inspections

Remote visual inspections through the use of CCTV, Laser and LiDAR.

Does your team have a plan in place to prevent and mitigate pipeline damage before it results in catastrophic failures? Non-destructive testing is one of the best ways to conduct preventative analysis of pipelines and avoid disaster long before it ever has the chance to strike. As one of North America’s most trusted providers of NDT tools and inspection, including CCTV evaluations, Russell NDE Systems is proud to partner with clients from all across the continent and beyond to provide superior results and data quality that you can count on. Learn more about the benefits of CCTV inspection, as well as our available add-on technologies below!

Pre-emptive Signs of Pipeline Failure

Best practices for the management of buried assets

Spring has sprung, and as temperatures rapidly fluctuate, water mains across North America are at increased risk for leaks, cracks, and sudden failures. Frost coming out of the ground and increased moisture in the soil presents a double threat to mainlines that may be moved around by the melting and have their outer coating against corrosion compromised. If left undetected soil-side corrosion puts cities at risk of leaks and catastrophic failure. As one of North America’s leading providers of water line inspection, PICA Corp has compiled a shortlist of what to stay on the look out for when it comes to spotting the early signs of pipe failure. Read on to learn more!

See Beneath the Surface With GPR

GPR: your 3D vision into concrete slabs

Do you know the benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar? As one of the newer additions to NDT surveying, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has made significant strides in assisting with the clear evaluation of concrete slabs, as well as conducting analysis of subsurface objects. GPR is highly accurate, cost-effective, and is able to provide comprehensive results that clearly identify hidden objects such as power lines, heating tubes, rebar, and post-tension cables. Russell NDE is proud to integrate GPR surveying into our existing non-destructive testing methods. Learn more about the benefits of ground-penetrating radar as well as partnering with Russell NDE for your concrete slab surveying needs!

Lined Pipeline Inspection Solutions: Russell NDE Systems Inc.

Did you know that pipelines carrying Oil and Gas are the most reliable form of transportation of these products? Why? Because the O&G industry spends millions of dollars every year inspecting their pipelines for degradation. All materials will degrade over time, but with NDT inspection and surgical repairs you can avoid 99% of the risk of failure of a high-pressure O&G pipeline.