Ground Penetrating Radar Services: Beyond Industrial Non-Destructive Testing
Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Ground Penetrating Radar Services: Beyond Industrial Non-Destructive Testing

Ground-Penetrating Radar is a safe and innovative non-destructive testing technology that allows users to “see” hidden features in concrete and soil. Russell NDE Systems offers Ground-Penetrating Radar services and various other non-destructive testing tools and equipment. Next, we will walk you through our Ground-Penetrating Radar services and how this technology has been used outside the industrial sector. Continue reading to find out more! 

Understanding Our GPR Services

Russell NDE Systems proudly offers Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) services specifically for concrete inspections. Our GPR systems provide our highly skilled technicians with on-the-spot rapid imaging, allowing you to evaluate your concrete structures quickly. Typically, our GPR services locate metallic and non-metallic pipes, conduits, re-bar, and post-tension cables within concrete walls, ceilings, and floors. This allows you to know the locations of these pipes and conduits before you drill or cut, ensuring the accuracy of your cutting and enabling you to avoid costly repairs. 

How Does GPR Work?

Russell NDE’s GPR services are a type of non-destructive testing that utilizes radar waves to identify objects or voids in concrete. By sending a radio signal into concrete and reading the resulting “bounce,” we can determine whether a structure is hidden within the concrete. Our technicians deploy our GPR transducer by moving it over a pre-defined grid, giving instant results and accurate depth estimates. Russell NDE’s GPR services are fast and present no health hazards, unlike other methods such as Radiography. 

Here are some other advantages of Russell NDE’s GPR services:

  • Self-contained and quiet operation
  • Access is only required to one side of the slab, wall, or ceiling
  • Can penetrate up to 12” of concrete
  • Can see pipes and trays hanging below the floor
  • Colour Map representation in discrete depth slices
  • Results can be digital or printed
  • Provides a permanent record of the inspection.

Lesser Known GPR Applications

As an Indigenous-owned company, Russell NDE has witnessed firsthand the power of GPR technology in locating unmarked graves, artifacts, and other culturally relevant materials and items. In recent years, Ground-Penetrating Radar has garnered significant attention due to its use on former Canadian Residential School grounds to locate unmarked graves. This is just one example of how GPR can be used outside of the industrial sector. Some other potentially lesser-known uses for GPR are as follows:

  • Detection of data cables and electrical cables
  • Location of buried utility cables and power lines
  • Inspection of the structural integrity of concrete foundations
  • Location of Archaeological significant items such as ruins and artifacts
  • Inspection of ice thickness
  • And More!

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

In addition to our GPR services and NDT equipment, Russell NDE Systems also prides ourselves on giving back to our communities. We have funded numerous community initiatives, charities, and other events for years to support the local community and others abroad. Some of the initiatives we have supported include:

  • Allocation of 1% of proceeds to approved and registered charities, with a particular focus on clean drinking water for First Nations reserves and remote communities.
  • Support for Homelessness in Edmonton through monetary donations to the Hope Mission.
  • Various donations to Water for People.
  • Participation in the Hair Massacure to raise money for the Kids with Cancer Society.
  • Donations to Little Warriors.

Ultimately, our aim at Russell NDE Systems is to help our communities by supporting local initiatives, helping municipalities and plants keep their facilities safe, and preventing the leakage of polluting liquids in oil and gas, wastewater, and fire water lines. 

Ready to Learn More?

Ground-Penetrating Radar is a safe and innovative non-destructive technology that can provide a clear image of cables and lines buried underground or in concrete. With its ability to be used across various applications, GPR is an excellent NDT solution for facilities, plants, municipalities, and businesses.

To learn more about Russell NDE’s GPR services, contact us today!