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Detect Corrosion Under Insulation through Preventative Inspections with Russell NDE's Bracelet Probe

Corrosion under insulation or fireproofing in industrial facilities, pipe runs, tanks and vessels should never be underestimated, as it can result in significant downtime, repairs, and financial losses. At Russell NDE Systems, we understand the many risks related to corrosion and how planned inspections (without the need for a shutdown) can ensure that leaks and blow-outs do not come to pass.

Next, we will walk you through our innovative NDT solution specifically designed for detecting corrosion under insulation– Russell NDE's Bracelet Probe System. Continue reading to find out more. 

Understanding Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and Fireproofing (CUF)

One of the most widespread and challenging issues to prevent and detect is corrosion under insulation (CUI) and corrosion under fireproofing (CUF). Whether the corrosion is forming under insulation or fireproofing covering pipelines, tanks, or pressure vessels, the resulting damage can result in significant plant outages for repairs. Factors such as the external environment, third-party damage, humidity and temperature can impact the rate and extent of the corrosion; even coated metals may be affected once the coating begins to deteriorate. 

Fortunately, Russell NDE is well versed in these factors impacting CUI and CUF. Through our years of innovation and experience, we have manufactured an effective and predictive CUI inspection tool to provide precise data regarding the status of your pipes, vessels and more. Using the Bracelet Probe System, you can detect and assess the CUI or CUF and make repairs before the corrosion gets dangerously deep. 

Russell NDE's Bracelet Probes for CUI and CUF Inspections

Our patented Bracelet Probes (Bare Pipe Probe and CUI/ CUF Probe) are practical, non-destructive inspection tools that can rapidly detect corrosion, individual pits, cracking, graphitic corrosion, and erosion in real-time at speeds up to 5 meters/ minute (83mm/second). The CUI/ CUF Bracelet Probe is versatile in that it can inspect through fireproofing, stainless-steel or aluminum jackets, and insulation up to 12.5 cm (5") thick to detected unseen wall thinning. The Bracelet Probe can rapidly adjust to any size of pipe (bare or insulated steel, cast-iron, or ductile-iron) starting at 6" in diameter.

These probes use low-frequency electro-magnetic (EM) fields to penetrate insulation, jackets and pipe walls. They detect variations in the thickness of the pipe by picking up alterations to the EM field with their sensors. These field variations are then measured, recorded, and displayed immediately for instant analysis by Russell NDE's Ferroscope instrument and EasyLog software. 

These innovative Bracelet Probes make corrosion inspection services fast, practical, economical and straightforward. At the same time, the data provided can be easily seen and understood. At Russell NDE, our Bracelet Probes are available to be shipped worldwide, so if your operations are looking for an efficient means to inspect for CUI, CUF, or variations in bare pipe wall thickness, we have you covered. 

For large diameter pipes, we have an internal Bracelet Probe that is 600mm (24") long. It scans the pipe circumferentially and detects wall-loss in steel pipes through internal liners (see photo).

Charitable Initiatives by Russell NDE Systems

Aside from Russell NDE's commitment to providing innovative NDT solutions, such as our Bracelet Probes, we also give back to our community. Over the years, we have supported numerous charities and community initiatives to showcase our care and commitment to the communities we call home. Some of the initiatives we have proudly supported include:

  • Support for Homelessness in Edmonton through monetary donations to the Hope Mission
  • Various contributions to Water for People
  • Participation in the Hair Massacure to raise money for the Kids with Cancer Society
  • Donations to Little Warriors
  • And More

At Russell NDE Systems, we go beyond simply donating money to organizations in need. As of 2020, we have agreed to allocate 1% of our revenue to approved and registered charities, focusing on clean drinking water for First Nations reserves and remote communities. While our innovative NDT solutions can help prevent untimely leaks and other damages, serving our communities through charitable donations is the best way to give back and show our care and support.  

Learn More Today!

Russell NDE's Bracelet Probes are your best option if you want to make detecting corrosion under insulation or fireproofing a clear and straightforward process. If you'd like to learn more about our Bracelet Probes, Ferrocope System, or other NDT solutions, contact Russell NDE today


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