Find the NDT Equipment You Need at Russell NDE
Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Find the NDT Equipment You Need at Russell NDE

When investing in quality NDT equipment and tools, you should turn to the industry leaders at Russell NDE Systems. Since the mid-1980s, Russell has been providing innovative NDT tools and instruments to ensure the safety and reliability of vital industrial, commercial and municipal systems. 

Below, we will overview some of our top-selling NDT equipment. Continue reading to find out how these tools and equipment can benefit you. 

Meet Our Top Remote Field Technology (RFT)

At Russell NDE Systems, our decades of experience have equipped us to be industry leaders in non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment. One of our most sought-after NDT tools is the Ferroscope 308 RFT/ ECT System.

The Ferroscope 308 is the world's most sophisticated Remote Field Testing System for ferrous and non-ferrous heat exchanger tubes, boiler tubes and pipes, plates, and furnace tubes. Often used in power generation, pulp and paper, oil and gas, and petrochemical plants, Russell NDE's Ferroscope 308 offers superb pit detection capabilities, fast probe pull speed, and the ability to inspect tubes with an inside diameter of 0.250-inch (6.35mm) and larger or small-bore pipelines with a 2" to 8" diameter. Backed by Russell NDE's highly-rated RFT training and technical support, the Ferroscope 308 ensures you receive high-quality, low-noise instrumentation regardless of your application. 

Here are a few other stand-out features of Russell NDE Systems' Ferroscope 308 tool:

  • Includes wizard for software setup.
  • Can be used in tandem with the highly sophisticated Easy-Log Pro software.
  • Dual exciter probes for high sensitivity near tube supports.
  • Complies with ASTM standard practice E2096.05
  • Multi-channel capabilities allow the Ferroscope to be used with Russell's Bracelet Probes (bare/ coated pipe and insulated pipe).
  • Supports partial saturation (Saturn probes) and TT Technology for superheater exfoliation detection.
  • Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Global Remote Field Testing Product Leadership Award.
  • Winner of two ASTech Awards for Industrial Design.
  • Winner of Export Business Award

Introducing Our Eddy Current Technology (ECT) and Other Portable Instruments

Aside from our RFT NDT equipment, Russell NDE Systems also offers several Eddy Current Technology (ECT) tools and other third-party NDT equipment and probes, like the MVX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges and Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors.

Generally speaking, ECT instruments are used to inspect non-ferrous tubing in heat exchangers while also conducting material sorting, crack detection and corrosion detection on aircraft and other applications. Our ECT and RFT instruments and probes are available for purchase and can be shipped worldwide. So, no matter where you are located, Russell NDE Systems has you covered when you need reliable NDT equipment. 

Next, we will briefly overview two of our third-party tools: the UT Pen Gauge and the VertiScan System. 

UT Pen Gauge (Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge)

The A1207 UT Pen Gauge from Russell NDE is used across chemical, oil and gas, shipbuilding, food processing and other industries for the inspection of metallic and plastic pipes, boilers and vessels' wall thicknesses with a roughness up to Rz160 and a curvature radius of 10 mm. This cost-effective Pen Guage can penetrate hard frost and features a long battery life (24 hours). Offering a lightweight and easy-to-handle NDT solution for numerous industrial and municipal applications.

Here are some additional unique features of our UT Pen Gauge:

  • Built-in single or double crystal probe operating at 10 MHz
  • V - Corrected dual transducers
  • Full digital channel
  • Four preset velocities of the ultrasound with the ability to change
  • Chargeable via USB Port
  • Auto cut-off for external power supply and battery charge
  • Includes test block, couplant, and external charger

VertiScan Rapid Inspection System

Russell offers an in-house developed VertiScan Rapid Inspection System. For traditional methods of inspection of boiler water tubes for loss of wall thickness, the boiler must be scaffolded, and the tubes must be cleaned to bare metal. The VertiScan System offers an NDT solution for boilers that are not scaffolded. This magnetic "wall-crawler" (made for us by Jireh Industries) can be used with the E-PIT probe for single tube inspection or the VertiScan inspection head for multi-tube inspection of the water wall tubes in power boilers. Using twelve detection coils for greater precision, the E-Pit probe will inspect the flame side of the tube to within ⅜" of each web weld, allowing for pits as small as ⅛" in diameter to be detected. Providing you with an NDT solution for your non-scaffolded boiler inspection needs. 

Below are a few other features of the VertiScan Rapid Inspection System from Russell NDE:

  • Able to inspect water walls up to 200' in height and tube sizes from 1.5" to 3.5"
  • 2.5m (10'/minute) inspection speed
  • Displays results as colour maps, strip charts, and voltage planes
  • Can also detect internal pitting, thermal fatigue, soot blower erosion, blisters, flame erosion, hydrogen attack and chelant corrosion

Ready to Find Out More?

For over 40 years, Russell NDE Systems has provided industrial plants, municipalities, and other essential businesses and services with the NDT equipment they need to inspect their boiler tubes, pipes, and more. If you require an award-winning and reliable NDT instrument or tool, trust Russell NDE to have the solution you need.

For more information on our offering of NDT equipment, contact Russell NDE Systems today!