Laser Pipe Profiling: Your Key To Accurate Internal Analysis
Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Laser Pipe Profiling: Your Key To Accurate Internal Analysis

When it comes to guaranteeing the health and longevity of your pipeline, an internal examination is a vital asset. Inspecting the interior of your line regularly allows you to detect early signs of damage including cracks, corrosion, denting, and more. Russell NDE Systems is a world leader in NDT services. With revolutionary technology and over 40 years of expertise on our side, Russell is proud to assist our customers with pipeline inspection across the globe. Learn more about one very effective form of pipe interior assessment: CCTV and Laser Profiling technology, below.

Results You Can Trust

In recent years, CCTV (Closed-circuit television) and laser profilometry inspections have become a heavily relied upon industry go-to for interior examination.  Russell's CCTV pipeline inspections offer a clear view of the inside of the pipe by sending an IBAK crawler through the system while simultaneously transmitting images to an above-ground computer. The crawler records continuous video while travelling through the pipe, and can be stopped at any time to zoom in on fine details and problem spots. Attaching a laser profiler to the crawler allows for the precise mapping of the I.D. of the line, as well as imaging of features such as welds, taps, branches, and debris.

CCTV and Laser Profilometry systems are ideal for many applications including:

  • Detection and measurement of internal corrosion pits
  • Identifying and clearly laying out the location of leaks.
  • Mapping the location of valves, T-junctions, and elbows.
  • Providing clear visuals of the internal pipe condition, including debris and tubercles.
  • Assisting operators with identifying the sources of blockages and unexplained flow restrictions.
  • Assessing changes in pipe materials, and more.

Leading Technology

Russell NDE is proud to lead the NDT field when it comes to advanced inspection solutions. Our laser profilometry tools used in connection with CCTV crawlers provide exceptional analysis giving operators valuable insights into the condition of their pipelines. CCTV and Laser Profilometry inspection are suitable for use with pipes ranging from 8” to 72”, in lines that carry water or are empty. From quantifying holes and other defects to detecting corrosion/erosion and more, CCTV and Laser profilometry inspections provide superior results you can depend on. Learn more by contacting our team today.