Enhanced Pipeline Inspections: The Advantages of CCTV and LiDAR Solutions

Maintaining the integrity of pipelines is critical for industries worldwide. While traditional inspection methods have served their purpose, new technologies have evolved, increasing the need for more advanced and efficient solutions. This is where Russell NDE Systems Inc.'s Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technologies come into play. Next, we will explore how Russell NDE leverages these cutting-edge technologies to provide enhanced clarity within our pipeline inspection services. Continue reading to learn more. 

Russell NDE's Bracelet Probe, Your Solution for Corrosion Under Insulation Inspections

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) can wreak havoc on industrial facilities, leading to extensive repairs, downtime, and significant financial losses, negatively affecting your bottom line. At Russell NDE Systems Inc., we understand the risks associated with failing to spot corrosion early and how preventative measures such as CUI inspections can prevent operational issues. This time, we will spotlight an innovative solution to detecting corrosion under insulation early on – Russell NDE's Bracelet Probe. This non-destructive testing tool is revolutionizing how we identify corrosion. Continue reading to learn more.

How Russell NDE Can Inspect Your Unpiggable Oil Pipelines

Pipelines are perhaps the largest pieces of physical infrastructure the oil & gas industry depends on. They offer the industry numerous advantages, such as reduced transportation costs. However, due to their size, ubiquity, and exposure to various elements, pipelines are also at risk of damage and failure. Ensuring your oil & gas pipelines are in safe operating condition requires routine attention and inspection as metal shifts and corrodes over time and can result in structural failure or weakening. To mitigate the risks associated with oil & gas pipeline failures, Russell NDE is here to help with our rigorous pipeline inspection services. Continue reading to learn more about how Russell NDE can inspect the condition of your pipelines, even if they're considered unpiggable. 

Need to Inspect an Unpiggable Pipeline? Russell NDE Can Help!

Need to Inspect an Unpiggable Pipeline? Russell NDE Can Help!

For decades the in-line inspection of pipelines was dominated by magnetic flux leakage (MFL) tools; however, when faced with unpiggable pipelines, these tools often fail to deliver. There are numerous types of pipelines that cannot be inspected with MFL or ultrasonic instruments. Fortunately, Russell NDE has an innovative pipeline inspection solution for unpiggable or challenging pipeline inspections. Below we'll discuss more what makes a pipeline unpiggable and the tool Russell NDE has created to perform unpiggable pipeline inspections. Continue reading to learn how Russell NDE can assist you with our pipeline inspection services! 

Spot the Early Signs of Pipeline Failure with Russell NDE

Spot the Early Signs of Pipeline Corrosion with Russell's ILI Tools

With spring coming into full bloom and temperatures beginning to warm, pipelines are at an increased risk for leaks, cracks, and sudden failures. By routinely inspecting your pipelines with Russell's In-Line Inspection Tools, you can spot signs of degradation before they result in leaks or worse. As a global leader in non-destructive testing, Russell NDE has the expertise, tools, and experience to discover the condition of your pipelines without having to do serious excavation work. Below are a few common signs of damage Russell NDE can uncover with our pipeline inspection services. Continue reading to learn more!