In-Line Pipe Inspection With Russell NDE
Wednesday, May 29, 2019

In-Line Pipe Inspection With Russell NDE

Regular inspection of lined pipelines plays an important role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of your water system. While exterior evaluations may help identify larger cracks and faults, internal inspections serve a dual purpose: to provide a more comprehensive picture of the state of your pipes and allow for preventative maintenance to be taken before major faults occur. Russell NDE Systems Inc. manufactures leading See-Snake solutions that make the inspection of pipes lined with cement, HDPE, PE, epoxy, and more, simpler. Learn more about our inline inspection tools below.

Why In-Line Inspection?

Assessing the condition of your pipelines can be tricky, but with the right tools, gathering data doesn’t have to be a hassle. Non-destructive technology (NDT) allows for devices to detect flaws without requiring contact with pipe walls while providing highly detailed information. With highly accurate results and minimal disruption to the line itself, NDT tools like the Russell See Snake have become a go-to solution for in-line pipe inspection. Regular examination of your lines can help save you time, money, and extend the life of your pipes indefinitely, making the process a worthwhile investment.

The Russell NDE See Snake

Russell’s line of flexible and reliable see snake tools are a groundbreaking solution for the rapid inspection of pipelines. Designed to fit the unique demands of lined pipes, the See Snake uses a non-contact NDT method to conduct condition assessments, and is equally sensitive to internal and external flaws. Completely waterproof and built to withstand both hot and cold environments, these devices are capable of running long distance when needed. With inspection speeds averaging one half to two km/hr, assessment is highly efficient and accurate. The mechanical design of the tool is able to accommodate ID variations, as well as sharp bends and elbows along the pipeline. Fully autonomous, the See Snake can be used in a tethered fashion or free swimmingly.

Since the unique signal transmitted by See Snakes can be detected from the surface, there is no need for an extra “Sonde” for tool tracking, adding to your convenience throughout the survey process.

About Russell NDE Systems Inc.

Russell NDE is a world leader in the RFT and NDE inspection field. As an awards winning manufacturer of high quality solutions and service provider, we are proud to help our customers stay on top of pipeline and pressure vessel maintenance and inspection. Contact our team today to learn more.