Exploring CCTV Inspections
Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Exploring CCTV Inspections

Remote visual inspections through the use of CCTV, Laser and LiDAR.

Does your team have a plan in place to prevent and mitigate pipeline damage before it results in catastrophic failures? Non-destructive testing is one of the best ways to conduct preventative analysis of pipelines and avoid disaster long before it ever has the chance to strike. As one of North America’s most trusted providers of NDT tools and inspection, including CCTV evaluations, Russell NDE Systems is proud to partner with clients from all across the continent and beyond to provide superior results and data quality that you can count on. Learn more about the benefits of CCTV inspection, as well as our available add-on technologies below!

What is CCTV Technology?

Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) technology is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to inspecting pipelines. Using non-destructive camera technology, CCTV allows you to take a closer look at your pipelines and identify current, as well as future risks with remarkable precision and accuracy. At Russell NDE, we believe in using the best, and most accurate, technology to conduct pipeline evaluations and are proud to offer our IBAK Crawler which delivers PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera heads and laser or LiDAR devices . As with all technologies from Russell NDE our IBAK system is crafted to the highest standards and provides leading results you can count on. Benefits of using CCTV inspection include:

Completely Non-Destructive

Non-destructive technology is hugely beneficial to the overall longevity and health of your pipelines because it circumvents the need to excavate buried lines and/or cut them into the pipe directly for inspection. By entering the line itself and crawling through, tools like IBAK monitor the integrity of your line, while still giving you results you can count on.

Pinpoint Exact Damage Locations

When it comes to avoiding progressive damage and resulting failures, accuracy is key. CCTV inspection provides near-flawless results that paint a clear picture of what you’re working with. The high level of accuracy provided makes CCTV ideal for both prescriptive and preventative maintenance and makes finding the exact locations you need to deal with simple and straightforward, saving you time and money for repairs.

Easy to Operate

Finding the right answers should never be a hassle. CCTV tools like IBAK are simple to navigate and provide comprehensive data that’s easy to read and process, meaning you’ll have access to exactly what you need with minimal headaches involved.

Less Disruptive

One of the most prominent benefits of using CCTV technology is that the overall time spent evaluating, as well as the delay between receiving results, is virtually real time. With information readily on hand, your team can spring into action fast and you’ll be back in full swing in no time flat!

Want to Learn More?

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