GPR Inspection for Commercial Property Renovations with Russell NDE
Wednesday, April 6, 2022

GPR Inspection for Commercial Property Renovations with Russell NDE

No matter the size or scope, renovating a commercial property can be highly challenging. In many commercial properties, hidden power lines, data cables, heating tubes, rebar, post-tension cables, and other elements are encased in the concrete floors, walls and ceilings, making them impossible to detect without specialized equipment. Locating these elements is a critical part of any construction project; accidentally cutting into a power line or negatively altering the structural integrity of your property can have disastrous (and expensive) consequences.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) allows operators to detect, analyze, and evaluate objects hidden in concrete floors, walls and ceilings. GPR remains one of the most efficient and cost-effective testing methods available today for building renovations.

With decades of experience in non-destructive testing, Russell NDE proudly offers GPR Surveying as part of our comprehensive range of NDT products and services. Read on to learn more about GPR's uses in commercial property renovations, as well as Russell NDE's GPR surveying services.

Fast, Accurate Assessment

Ground Penetrating Radar transmits low-level electromagnetic radiation to detect and analyze buried or encased structures, quickly generating a detailed 2D or 3D map of subsurface objects, voids, and other features not visible from the surface. Since it does not require any disruption to the concrete itself, GPR is the ideal solution where cutting into concrete is impossible, dangerous, or inefficient.

Many commercial renovation projects use GPR to evaluate subsurface structures and conditions to identify rebar patterns, utility lines and conduits, and other potential hazards encased in concrete. Unlike other testing methods (such as radiography), the electromagnetic radiation used by GPR is not harmful to nearby people, making it safe even in high-traffic environments. Finally, GPR testing takes significantly less time than other inspection methods, saving operations time and money while still providing thorough, accurate information.

GPR Inspection Services with Russell NDE

Russell NDE proudly offers comprehensive Ground Penetrating Radar services for commercial renovations and a variety of other applications. Our GPR services provide fast, accurate evaluation of elements encased in concrete, enabling safe and effective construction throughout your next project. Key features include:

  • Rapid Execution; 24" x 24" scans can be completed in minutes
  • High-Resolution Imaging through up to 12" of concrete.
  • Specialized Tools for power cable and heating pipe detection.
  • Low Labor Costs for maximum value.
  • Light Instrumentation for easy shipping and handling.
  • Self-contained, quiet operation.

In addition to GPR services, Russell NDE proudly supplies industry-leading technology and services for safe, reliable NDT inspection in a complete range of applications. No matter your next project's needs, you can rely on Russell NDE for fast, reliable services.

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