Russell NDE Systems Presents Our Latest Ferroscope System
Friday, August 5, 2022

Russell NDE Systems Presents Our Latest Ferroscope System

As one of the world’s leaders in non-destructive evaluation, Russell NDE Systems is proud to be an award-winning manufacturer and inspection service provider. Our team of engineers and technologists offers our clients unparalleled innovative technologies. Boilers and heat exchangers can suffer from many different forms of degradation over their service life. Ensuring your operation continues running smoothly requires regular inspection services, and Russell NDE can help. Below we’ll discuss how our newest Ferroscope System can assist you in inspecting your equipment. Keep reading to find out more!

Trusted Solutions You Can Count On

For decades Russell NDE Systems has set the standard for non-destructive testing (NDT) globally. With a continuous focus on refining our Remote Field Technology (RFT) and Eddy Current Technology (ECT), Russell NDE Systems is proud to present our latest Ferroscope systems. RFT inspections are usually performed on ferromagnetic tubings like Nickel, Carbon Steel, or Monel. However, they can also be used on high conductivity, non-ferrous materials like brass or copper. In comparison, ECT inspections are primarily conducted on non-ferrous tubing and can perform material sorting and crack and corrosion detection. RFT and ECT technologies are non-destructive methods of inspecting heat exchangers and boiler tubes safely and efficiently. That way, owners and operators can be informed of the condition of their equipment during plant outages so that pro-active repairs or tube plugging can be made before the unit is placed back in service. In addition, Russell NDE has also doubled the number of channels, increased the number of simultaneous frequencies, and added Near Field Technology (NFT) and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) capabilities to our Ferroscope. Our latest Ferroscope system also has had an update to its power supply. That means it can be operated on a car battery or DC power supply making it more portable and easy to use. 

The Benefits of RFT and ECT

When it comes to your heat exchangers and boilers, RFT and ECT inspection techniques offer a range of benefits that ensures your operations continue to function smoothly and safely. Some of the benefits for RFT and ECT systems are as follows:

Remote Field Technology (RFT)

  • Incredibly sensitive to changes in wall thickness
  • Works well on ferromagnetic materials
  • Capable of detecting ID and OD indications with equal sensitivity
  • Detects local pitting and corrosion as well as erosion

Eddy Current Technology (ECT)

  • Capable of detecting near-surface and far surface defects like small cracks and wall-loss
  • Regardless of shape or size, it can easily inspect complex conductive materials
  • Appropriate for discovering safety flaws like corrosion, cracking, and erosion
  • Compatible in array formats for large area scanning or internal high-resolution probes

Ensuring your heat exchangers and boilers are safe and compliant means that your operations can continue working without issues. Inspecting your equipment to guarantee safe functioning capacities ensures that your business is protected, your workers are safe, and you remain within the stringent standards and regulations local governments and organizations require.

Global Leader in Remote Field Technology

For over 40 years, Russell NDE has been the global leader in groundbreaking inspection technology. By continuously refining our knowledge of RFT and ECT, our clients have had access to the many benefits of having clear images of the condition of their equipment. Our exceptional and reliable inspection technology has provided municipalities, mines, and oilfield sites with the safety inspection equipment they need to maintain their operations and other vital infrastructure.

Probe types supported include eddy-current array probes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Russell NDE Ferroscope or any of our other products, contact our team today!