Why You Should Use GPR for Inspections
Thursday, November 10, 2022

Why You Should Use GPR for Inspections

Why Use GPR for Inspection for concrete slabs

As one of the latest additions to non-destructive testing offerings from Russell NDE, ground penetrating radar (GPR) has provided numerous industries and businesses with important benefits. Ground penetrating radar is excellent for conducting analysis of objects embedded in cement floors, walls and ceilings and it's highly accurate and affordable! In addition, ground penetrating radar inspections from Russell NDE can quickly provide comprehensive results that identify hidden objects. At Russell NDE, we are proud to provide ground penetrating radar services to various businesses and operations along with our numerous other non-destructive testing methods and services. Below we'll go further into how ground penetrating radar works and some of the benefits of this non-destructive inspection method. Continue reading to learn more!

How Does Ground Penetrating Radar Work?

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique that uses low-level electromagnetic radiation to penetrate underground or concealed structures like rebar and post-tension cables within concrete slabs. GRP works by utilizing transmitting and receiving antennas and radar pulses. GPR units emit a highly refined electromagnetic radar pulse through the substrate or concrete to create detailed maps of the subsurface structures. The GPR image allows the experts at Russell NDE to identify rebar patterns, pipes, and conduits. That way, you can fully understand the location (including the depth) of your subsurface structures, voids, or concrete homogeneity before you drill into it. Russell NDE provides GPR services for various industries, municipalities, and businesses. Let our team provide you with the complete picture of any hidden structures before you make any decisions about drilling or cutting into the concrete.

Key Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar

The most significant benefit of non-destructive testing like GPR is that you can conduct inspections without destroying the material in question. In particular, GPR is incredibly quick and accurate and uses extremely low radiation levels. That means GPR poses no risks to people, unlike competing services such as x-ray. Ground penetrating radar technology can inspect up to 24" of concrete, provides instant results, and is cost-effective compared to other means of inspection/ testing services. Best of all, GPR requires minimal labour, can easily be shipped to your site and uses quiet and self-contained units. When you need to inspect for metal or non-metal objects, voids, or other internal irregularities, Russell NDE is here to help with our GPR services.

Get a Better Look With Russell NDE

Russell NDE has been an industry leader and award-winning non-destructive testing technology and services supplier for over five decades. Our team will always focus on providing outstanding services and solutions for numerous operations and applications. From the oil & gas industry to construction and infrastructure and everything in between, Russell NDE is here to help you with your NDT needs. We offer a variety of inspection services for almost every application and industry. Contact us today to learn more about Russell NDE's GPR services!


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