Russell NDE Completes Gas Storage Sphere Inspection Project
Monday, August 8, 2016

Russell NDE Completes Gas Storage Sphere Inspection Project

Russell NDE is proud to work with Acuren and continuing our relationship with the Imperial/Esso Strathcona Refinery in Edmonton, AB to conduct an inspection of the support legs of their gas storage spheres.

What Is the Scope of the Project?

Russell NDE will be sending four employees to inspect the support legs on the last of the large gas storage spheres owned by Esso, Strathcona Refinery. We have previously inspected all of their other storage spheres. Our technicians will be looking for any corrosion of the metal under the thick concrete fireproofing layer that covers the legs that support the sphere. An inspection such as this can proactively detect any concerns that require attention and repair before a failure occurs.

What Technology Will We Use during the Project?

To conduct this inspection, Russell NDE will be using our large bracelet probe and Inuktun crawler. Russell's bracelet probe is capable of detecting any corrosion under fireproofing (CUF) on our client's gas storage spheres quickly and efficiently. The tool can inspect the legs at a rate of up to 5 m/minute. The probe is effective in detecting flaws through concrete or insulation with a thickness up to 6.35 cm (2.5").

What Is Unique about This Project?

This project will be the first time Russell NDE will use the innovative Inuktun crawler technology to inspect these gas storage units. The crawler was designed, and custom built for our company for the specific application of sphere leg inspection and has never been used on a commercial job before. It is currently the only crawler in the world for inspection of gas storage sphere legs.

Russell NDE can conduct thorough NDE inspections on gas spheres for our clients with the most ground-breaking and modern technology. You can contact us by phone 1 (800) 661-0127 or by e-mail for more information.