Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Russell is awarded a NRC contract to develop TT technique for piping inspection from outside the pipe

In 2009 Doctor Yuwu Yu and Hoan Nguyen worked on prototypes of the new TT probe. This patent pending technique employs exciter coils on one side of a pipe and a detector array on the other. The device (photo) is manually scanned down a pipe to detect “Corrosion Under Insulation” (CUI) on insulated pipes and internal pitting on bare pipes.

The device connects to a standard 16 channel Ferroscope and produces colour contour plots of the scanned area, showing thin spots. The NRC contract is to adapt this technique to allow use of a Blanket of sensors which will produce a colour plot of the pipe under the blanket. Blankets are anticipated to come in sizes similar to radiographic film, and will be a stand-alone system, communicating directly to a remote or connected lap-top computer. The three photos show the Flat Bottom Holes in the pipe, the TT probe on the insulated pipe and the Ferroscope data from those FBH’s.