Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Russell Delivers New 30" Chimera Tool to PICA

Today, Russell assembled, tested and delivered the new Chimera 30" smart pig (In-Line Inspection Tool to PICA for use in a Kansas City water main.

The Tool ships tomorrow for a Monday start. This Tool has many new features that were not installed on previous Tools. Not only does it have over 200 individual detectors for corrosion mapping, but it can also plot the direction of the pipeline in 3D space for the entire pipeline length. Its triple odometers ensure ultimate accuracy in locating defects, and its advanced electronics and software will allow unprecedented data quality and analysis.

The photo below shows the Chimera Tool inside the Kansas City calibration pipe, supplied to us by Water One.

For more information on this Tool and how it can help asset managers be proactive in the management of their pipelines to prevent failures and premature replacement, please call 1-800-661-0127 and ask for Dave or Ad. Alternatively, drop us a line describing your pipeline application at

Note: Russell uses RFT Tools like the Chimera Tool to inspect oil and gas mains for corrosion damage, while PICA Corp uses them to inspect water and waste water mains. Dedicated Tools are used for each of these applications to avoid cross contamination. The Tools can be run in product ("free-swimming") or can be pulled through an empty line using a tow rope.