Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Boiler Tube Inspection and Testing: The First Line of Defence

As those in the field will know, the deterioration of boiler water wall tubes can be a serious hindrance to day to day operations if left unchecked. Boilers are subject to many forms of wear and tear from hydrogen exposure, pitting, soot-blower erosion, thermal fatigue, and more.

boiler tube failure

To circumvent the damage done, Russell NDE has developed a safe, fast, and reliable robotic system called VertiScan™.

What is VertiScan™?

VertiScan™ utilizes adapted Remote Field Technology and a crawler to inspect up to five tubes at once, at speeds of up to 5m (15’)/min. Our crawler is capable of climbing 100’ up and down the water wall and can handle up to ¼” of scale between the tubes. Results are then immediately shown on a colour map, making it easy to identify any structural failings or cracks that need to be tended to.

VertiScan ™ allows boiler owners the comfort of knowing their equipment is safe and sound. The cost of scanning is typically far below the expense of an emergency shut-down due to a tube failure. Russell NDE is a proud supplier of award winning products and is happy to help you with your boiler inspection needs. Contact us today for more details.