Monday, February 12, 2018

Russell: Pipeline Inspection Services: EMIT in Action

Inspecting your large-diameter steel pipes can be a difficult task, but it's a job that carries a great deal of importance when it comes to protecting your infrastructure. Lines carrying raw water or hazardous materials are subject to corrosion that can cause leaks and failures if left undetected. With some pipelines in North American water distribution systems currently having been in use for over 100 years, inspection and remedial action become necessary to guarantee continued (and safe) functionality. Russell NDE's EMIT tool can be your best asset to protect against undetected damage and prevent the need for extensive repairs. Learn more below about EMIT technology and how to protect your pipes.

What is EMIT?

The Electro-Magnetic Inspection Technology (EMIT) tool was created by Russell NDE in 2006 to address the needs of a significant North American water authority. More recently, the EMIT was used to inspect a dual-lined, 60" PCCP pipe and was able to detect a two-inch crack, that, if left unattended, could have led to a significant failure of the pipeline for the water authority involved.

How Does EMIT Work?

Our EMIT tool runs on the inside of the pipeline, eliminating the need for costly excavations and shutdowns. Electro-magnetic signals are sent by the Tool through the pipe wall and are monitored as they return into the pipe* carrying valuable data that can then be analyzed to identify any faults or hazard spots. (*all electromagnetic signals travel in loops around an "exciter coil")

What Are the Applications?

EMIT technology may be used for a applications such as:

  • Water and force mains ranging from 4 inches to 90 inches in diameter
  • Steel, cast iron, ductile iron, concrete cylinder liners

EMIT Tools are part of the See Snake family of Tools that use RFT technology to inspect pipes. While EMIT Tools require the pipeline to be out of service for the inspection, their advantage is that access to the line is inexpensive, through existing manholes. Other See Snake Tools can travel through pipelines with the flow; however, they require access through pig launchers and receivers.

EMIT technology is an ideal way to prevent unexpected pipe failures, reduce the cost of repair and replacement, and increase the life expectancy of your existing pipeline. Contact Russell NDE Systems today to learn more!