Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Inspection of Flow Lines Using CCTV and I-PIT Probes

cctv ndt pipeline inspection

Internal inspection is an integral part of maintaining the daily operation and reliability of your pipelines. While exterior evaluation can help identify specific cracks and faults, interior inspections give you a more full picture and allow for proactive preventative maintenance. Russell NDE Systems Inc. has created an I-PIT and CCTV solution that allows for the rapid inspection of small diameter pipelines for internal and external corrosion and other faults, and is especially suitable for pit detection and sizing.

i-pit cctv ndt inspection

How does it work?

The I-PIT and CCTV system utilize a straightforward approach for pipe inspection. A CCTV camera is mounted on the end of a stiff cable that is carefully pushed through the pipe to a distance of >300 feet. The CCTV device records internal surface images that are inspected by a field engineer in real time, with data being recorded and carefully broken down in a comprehensive report for clients. After the CCTV inspection, the CCTV camera can be swapped for an I-PIT (Internal Pipeline Inspection Tool), which can "see" though the pipe walls and detect and size corrosion pits. It is connected to a Ferroscope instrument and re-inserted through the pipeline to detect and size corrosion loss.

i-pit ndt tool display

What are the applications?

CCTV inspection services have a wide range of uses and are ideal for monitoring pipes constructed with various materials including metal, concrete, plastic and fibreglass. Other applications include:

  • Detection of internal pits in pipelines
  • Providing visual data on leaks and leak locations
  • Providing visual data on the internal pipe condition
  • Identifies the source(s) of unexplained flow restrictions, inspect pipe walls and liners.
  • Inspect flowlines or salt water disposal lines to/from wellheads
  • Inspect for 100m each side of a leak repair
  • Check if internal cement liner has spalled off.

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