Thursday, April 26, 2018

Russell NDE: Your Ultrasonic Inspection Experts

As a leading provider of non-destructive and ultrasonic inspection technologies, Russell NDE has been helping leaders throughout the US and Canada survey pipes and pressure vessels for over 40 years. We specialize in solutions that allow for efficient, reliable inspections with minimal disruption to plant operations. These technologies help our clients evaluate their pressure components with ease, potentially saving thousands of dollars in failure and repair costs and ensuring the longevity of their plant. If you’re looking to extend the lifetime of your process equipment, and take proactive measures to prevent costly failures, here are a few facts about ultrasonic inspection.

ultrasonic inspection technologies

Wide Range of Applications

Ultrasonic products can be used to survey pipes of different sizes, lengths, thickness and purpose. Russell NDE specializes in ultrasonic inspection equipment for the following applications:

  • Welds for welding flaws
  • Structural steel for fatigue cracks
  • Storage tank floors from the outside “chime plate” to detect internal corrosion
  • Aircraft components for fatigue and corrosion
  • Pressure vessels and piping for corrosion damage


Ultrasonic flaw detectors typically are used by trained and certified technicians using hand-held probes to inspect the parts. Flaw detectors are full-featured ultrasonic instruments meant to display and record A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan and D-Scan data. These scans provide a top view, end view and side view of the component being inspected and display the data in a form that is easy for all parties to understand.

Thickness gauges are simpler to operate, and like the name suggests, are typically used to measure the remaining wall thickness of steel components that are subject to corrosion or erosion losses.

Finally, more sophisticated, automated ultrasonic (AUT) systems may be used to inspect pipeline welds during construction or pressure vessels and towers for hydrogen damage. These systems perform raster scans of the component and record the length inspected as well as the inspection results.

Russell NDE Systems Inc. sells ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness gauges made by leading manufacturers in Israel, Russia, Europe, Thailand and North America. We also sell AUT systems such as the AUT 16 32 and provide training in the use and maintenance of these instruments. We are backed by the best manufacturers in the world and stock the most common instruments and probes in our Edmonton office. In addition, Russell NDE also supplies probes, cables and couplant solutions throughout North America. Contact our team to learn more!