Super-IRIS Inspection: available from Russell NDE Systems Inc.
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Super-IRIS Inspection: available from Russell NDE Systems Inc.

Fast, accurate, dependable: meet Dacon’s Super Iris (SIRIS) NDT tool! As a world-leading manufacturer and provider of NDT tools and inspections, Russell NDE is proud to continuously partner with the top names in the non-destructive inspection industry to offer our clients access to the best solutions available. Alongside our robust inventory of products produced in-house at our Edmonton, Alberta headquarters, Russell NDE acts as a supplier for Dacon’s SIRIS tool. As one of the most accurate methods of inspection available, SIRIS is a valuable asset to add to your NDT Toolbox. Learn more about SIRIS detection below!

Ultra Accurate Ultrasonic Detection

In addition to extremely accurate and dependable results, a large part of what helps set SIRIS apart from other methods of non-destructive testing is the fact that its ultrasonic technique can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials to detect pits and other faults on the ID or OD of the tubing. Commonly used for the inspection of air-fin cooler tubes, as well as a heat exchanger and boiler tubing in the refining, mining, power and processing industries, the data provided by SIRIS offers a comprehensive analysis of both the inside and outside of the object, with any wall thinning areas or pits clearly identified. The level of detail provided means that SIRIS inspections can help avoid the costly repercussions of leaks or bursts in tubing, long before it has a chance to occur.

How SIRIS Works

IRIS (Internal Rotary Inspection System) tools use an ultrasonic transducer and a rotating mirror to accurately map and analyze the full length of a tube wall. The transit time between the echoes emitted is used to analyze the wall thickness of the tube, as well as map any and all issues along the way.

Super-IRIS (SIRIS) units are specifically designed for the inspection of Heat Exchanger, Condenser, Air-Fin Cooler and Chiller tubes. The SIRIS system provides unrivaled data sampling rates, and features live C-scan imagery and easy to operate auto analyzing software and tube mapping, as added benefits.

Get SIRIS at Russell NDE Today

Manufactured by our partners at Dacon Inspection Services, the SIRIS unit has quickly become a preferred method of assessment among many industries worldwide. Russell NDE Systems is proud to carry the SIRIS tool within our industry and is here to help with your inspection needs. Learn more about the benefits of adding SIRIS technology to your NDT service resources by contacting Russell NDE today.