ILI Inspections at Russell NDE
Friday, November 26, 2021

ILI Inspections at Russell NDE

Whether you’re in the oil & gas, petroleum, natural gas, or related industries, there’s no denying that pipelines play a major role in ensuring the safe delivery of your products and efficient overall operations. Transporting millions of liters of hazardous and flammable liquids and gas will eventually take a toll on even the sturdiest of pipelines, making inspection, as well as regular maintenance, vital for safety and productivity.

As a leading NDT firm with decades of experience backing both our award-winning tools and our inspection services, Russell NDE is proud to partner with clients around the world to help ensure the continued safe operation of your pipelines by providing you with the data you need to identify and address any developing issues before they have the chance to progress into major faults or failures. At Russell, we believe that knowledge really is power and we seek to give you the quality information that you need to keep your pipelines in top shape.

Below, we’ll talk about a few of the many risk factors that can lead to degradation of pipes, and Russell NDE can help you spot them early. Read on to learn more!

Dangers to Pipeline Integrity

There’s no shortage of factors that can pose a risk to the integrity of your pipelines over time, especially if you neglect to stay on top of regular inspections. Over time, moisture and soil acidity outside the pipe can penetrate any holidays in the outer coating and corrode the pipe from the O.D., Whereas internal corrosion caused by the products carried, can also thin the pipe walls and pose significant risks of pipeline failure.

Over time, these kinds of problems can progress and eventually the risk of a leak or rupture increases to the point where the risk is intolerable. Knowing where these local points of corrosion are is very valuable to the pipeline operator. In-line Inspections (ILI), can help to expose these kinds of issues before they have a chance to cause any real harm, saving you time and helping you avoid the potential for environmental fines and other failure costs.

Conducting ILI Inspections

Russell NDE is proud to be a world leader in the design, manufacture and use of NDT tools and specializes in applying both skills for in-line pipe inspections. Tools like our Russell SeeSnake have become a go-to solution for in-line pipe inspection, making it easy to conduct inspections quickly and with minimal disruption to the line itself.

Meet The Russell NDE See Snake

Russell’s line of flexible and reliable SeeSnake tools are widely regarded as an industry-leading solution for the rapid inspection of pipelines. Our tools are specifically designed to handle the needs of lined pipes, and using a non-destructive method, conduct internal assessments with precise data reporting. Russell NDE SeeSnakes are completely water and pressure proof and built to withstand hostile environments. They are able to run long distances thanks to their onboard batteries and memory. With inspection speeds averaging one-half to two km/hr, assessment is highly efficient and accurate, and the tool is crafted to navigate 90 degree LR elbows in pipe sizes 6" and up with ease. Fully autonomous, the SeeSnake can be used in a tethered fashion or free swimming.

When you need fast, dependable ILI data you can count on to keep things running smoothly, you need to partner with Russell NDE Systems!

About Russell NDE Systems Inc.

Russell NDE is proud to be a world leader in the NDE inspection field. As an award-winning manufacturer of high-quality solutions and a NDT service provider, we make it easy for our customers to stay on top of pipeline and pressure vessel maintenance and inspection. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you keep your lines in shape!


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