Spot the Early Signs of Pipeline Failure with Russell NDE
Friday, February 10, 2023

Spot the Early Signs of Pipeline Failure with Russell NDE

Spot the Early Signs of Pipeline Corrosion with Russell's ILI Tools

With spring coming into full bloom and temperatures beginning to warm, pipelines are at an increased risk for leaks, cracks, and sudden failures. By routinely inspecting your pipelines with Russell's In-Line Inspection Tools, you can spot signs of degradation before they result in leaks or worse. As a global leader in non-destructive testing, Russell NDE has the expertise, tools, and experience to discover the condition of your pipelines without having to do serious excavation work. Below are a few common signs of damage Russell NDE can uncover with our pipeline inspection services. Continue reading to learn more! 

Warning Signs Hidden Underground

Spotting signs of wear and tear or damage to pipelines is critical for ensuring they maintain their fitness for service (FFS). In addition, preventative inspections can ensure that you’re noticing early signs of deterioration before they have a chance to become significant and costly issues. Identifying early signs of damage in pipelines is challenging because most pipelines are buried underground or not easily accessible for quick visual inspections. You’ll need to regularly inspect your pipelines with a non-destructive testing (NDT) ILI (In-Line Inspection) tool to catch early warning signs. During your inspection, the proper NDT tools can spot the following signs of deterioration:

Corrosion Pitting

In many pipelines, corrosion pitting will often start near crevices or next to the root or cap of a weld, as those are some of the most vulnerable points within a pipeline. Unfortunately, if pipeline corrosion is not detected and addressed, it can quickly grow and cause leaks or blow-outs. While corrosion can be caused by numerous chemical, electrical, or biological factors, it can easily be detected early on with the right inspection tool and service provider.

We can effectively inspect your pipelines to ensure they are in top condition. We do this through our use of innovative inspection technologies. Russell NDE’s SeeSnake in-line inspection tool can quickly and efficiently detect signs of corrosion in pipes between 3” to 24” in size, even if they are lined with cement or HDPE liners. The SeeSnake requires no contact with the pipe’s wall and can measure through scale, wax, and other debris. With a clearance of 0.250” (6.3mm) or more, the SeeSnake can easily navigate past weld roots, dents and internal deposits. Spotting signs of corrosion pitting is easy with Russell NDE and our SeeSnake non-destructive in-line inspection tool.

Small Leaks

Over time pipelines that have developed corrosion pits will begin leaking. That's why it's vital to inspect and repair lines routinely to avoid leaks and other significant problems. Russell NDE’s pipeline inspection services and SeeSnake technology can make inspecting your pipelines easy. Our team specializes in inspecting low flow and other un-piggable lines, so you can rest assured knowing the experts at Russell NDE can safely and professionally perform your pipeline inspection. 

Damaged Liners

Damaged pipeline liners are another serious issue to watch out for. Damaged internal liners can lead to corrosion and pitting of the host pipe, which can in turn damage the liner. Liners can also collapse if they experience vacuum conditions or if the corrosion builds up on the pipe’s inner diameter and pushes the liner inwards. Russell NDE’s pipeline inspection services specialize in evaluating lined pipes such as cement mortar, PVC, HDPE Tight liners, FRP and more. While you likely cannot assess the condition of your lines from a visual inspection, the team at Russell NDE, with our SeeSnake technology, can! 

Pipeline Inspections with Russell NDE Systems Inc.

For over 40 years, Russell NDE has been providing non-destructive pipeline inspection services across the globe. Our team is proud of the innovative remote field technology (RFT) we’ve developed to spot signs of corrosion and damage sooner. Russell NDE has you covered when you need to be sure that your pipelines are in safe operating condition! Don’t wait until the signs of damage become significant issues; contact Russell NDE today and let our expert team provide you with high-quality pipeline inspection services.


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