Need to Inspect an Unpiggable Pipeline? Russell NDE Can Help!
Monday, April 17, 2023

Need to Inspect an Unpiggable Pipeline? Russell NDE Can Help!

Need to Inspect an Unpiggable Pipeline? Russell NDE Can Help!

For decades the in-line inspection of pipelines was dominated by magnetic flux leakage (MFL) tools; however, when faced with unpiggable pipelines, these tools often fail to deliver. There are numerous types of pipelines that cannot be inspected with MFL or ultrasonic instruments. Fortunately, Russell NDE has an innovative pipeline inspection solution for unpiggable or challenging pipeline inspections. Below we'll discuss more what makes a pipeline unpiggable and the tool Russell NDE has created to perform unpiggable pipeline inspections. Continue reading to learn how Russell NDE can assist you with our pipeline inspection services! 

What is an Unpiggable Pipeline?

An unpiggable pipeline is a pipeline that is difficult to inspect internally with conventional in-line tools. There are numerous reasons why a pipeline may be considered unpiggable. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Over or under-sized valves.
  • The pipeline features a liner or is positioned vertically.
  • 90° elbows, unbarred tees, Y connections, etc.
  • Fabricated or mitre bends.
  • Small diameter pipes with tight bends.
  • No access, and more...

Each of these features can make it nearly impossible for conventional inspection tools to determine the condition of your pipelines. Fortunately, Russell NDE offers pipeline inspection services specifically for unpiggable pipelines. 

Your Source for Unpiggable Pipeline Inspection Services

Since the mid-1980s, Russell NDE has been the trusted source for unpiggable pipeline inspection services. Our range of in-line inspection and non-destructive testing tools enables our team to determine your pipeline's condition easily. Moreover, our pipeline inspection services can detect the degradation of your pipelines even through HDPE, cement mortar, or epoxy liners without causing damage to the liners. 

Specifically, Russell NDE's remote field technology (RFT) is the ideal solution for the in-line inspection of unpiggable pipelines. Our RFT pipeline inspection tools can be used in a tethered mode or a free-swimming mode in all sizes of pipelines with a wall thickness of up to 16mm (steel) and 30mm (cast iron). RFT inspection tools from Russell NDE are perfect for inspecting carbon steel, cast-iron, ductile-iron, and many other magnetic materials. That means when you need to be sure of the condition of your pipelines, Russell NDE is here to help! In particular, our Ferroscope 308 RFT/ ECT System is considered the world's most sophisticated remote field testing system for the non-destructive testing of tubes, pipes and plates. As the experts in RFT inspection services, Russell NDE proudly provides inspection services for unpiggable pipelines, heat exchangers, boiler tubes and more!

Ready to Get Started with Your Inspection?

For over 40 years, Russell NDE has been a global leader in non-destructive unpiggable pipeline inspection services. Our team takes great pride in offering innovative remote field technology (RFT) and eddy current technology (ECT) solutions for the inspection of pipelines. When you need to be sure of the condition of your pipelines, Russell NDE is ready to help! So don't wait until a significant pipeline failure occurs; instead, contact Russell NDE and get the experts in non-destructive testing to inspect your pipelines.


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