How Russell NDE Can Inspect Your Unpiggable Oil Pipelines
Monday, April 24, 2023

How Russell NDE Can Inspect Your Unpiggable Oil Pipelines

Pipelines are perhaps the largest pieces of physical infrastructure the oil & gas industry depends on. They offer the industry numerous advantages, such as reduced transportation costs. However, due to their size, ubiquity, and exposure to various elements, pipelines are also at risk of damage and failure. Ensuring your oil & gas pipelines are in safe operating condition requires routine attention and inspection as metal shifts and corrodes over time and can result in structural failure or weakening. To mitigate the risks associated with oil & gas pipeline failures, Russell NDE is here to help with our rigorous pipeline inspection services. Continue reading to learn more about how Russell NDE can inspect the condition of your pipelines, even if they're considered unpiggable. 

Non-Destructive Testing is Essential for Oil & Gas Pipelines

Sometimes you can detect pipeline issues with a simple visual inspection. Perhaps a tree has fallen over the pipeline, a patch of rust has begun to form externally, or a support joist is starting to twist; these issues are relatively easy to identify. However, while a visual inspection of your oil & gas pipeline can be helpful, you need a complete picture of what's happening with your pipeline. Emerging oil & gas pipeline issues often start in the pipeline's interior walls or welds and are invisible without specialized equipment. To spot these emerging problems before they result in significant damage or failure, you'll need non-destructive oil & gas pipeline inspection services from Russell NDE

NDT Oil Pipeline Inspections from Russell NDE

When your oil & gas pipeline needs to be inspected, trust the experts in non-destructive testing at Russell NDE. For over 40 years, Russell NDE has provided the oil & gas industry with the pipeline inspection services they need to ensure the condition of their pipelines. We offer services directly for oil, gas, and slurry pipelines, including steel pipelines that contain liners of cement mortar, HDPE, PE, or epoxy. In particular, our See Snake Tool is an innovative pipeline inspection tool that can accurately detect corrosion pits, pipeline wall thickness and even stress. Since the See Snake requires no contact with the pipeline wall, it can easily measure through scale, wax and non-magnetic liners. So even if your pipelines are considered unpiggable, Russell NDE has you covered.

The frequency at which your O&G pipeline will need to be inspected varies based on a number of factors, including the pipeline's age, size, local government regulations, proximity to populated areas, and more. However, with the assistance of the expert team at Russell NDE, we can ensure your pipeline is inspected quickly and accurately. That way, you can understand the condition of your pipelines and make better-informed decisions regarding necessary repairs, downtime, and replacements. Remember, when your oil pipeline needs to be inspected, trust the global leaders at Russell NDE to get the job done. 

Ready to Inspect Your Pipelines?

Failing to inspect your oil & gas pipelines routinely can lead to several problems, including leaks and failures and costly damages to the surrounding area. With the assistance of Russell NDE's pipeline inspection services, our team can provide you with a clear picture of the condition of your pipelines. Ready to learn more about how Russell NDE can inspect your oil pipelines? Contact us today to find out!


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