Monday, January 25, 2016

Why Does Russell NDE Prioritize Research & Development

Being on the cutting edge of the Non Destructive Testing industry doesn't happen through accident or luck. It takes the vision and brain power of the brilliant engineers and skilled employees who work in our research and development department here at Russell NDE. Our company makes R&D such a high priority because it keeps us ahead of the curve in making state-of-the-art products and developing superior testing methods that keep customers pleased, and the equipment they're responsible for in safe working order.

R&D Has a Tremendous Benefit for our Customers

The activities of our R&D department has had many advantages for our customers. It saves time and money because of the effective products and efficient inspection and analysis methods that are developed through the process. Russell NDE also encourages our customers to communicate any specialized needs to our R&D department. This open dialogue will enable us to solve the unique problems that your company or project may be facing.

A Commitment to R&D Results in Better Products

One reason why we are so proud of our R&D department is because they are the creators of some of the most innovative and cutting edge products that we use. Every job we do is unique with its own particular challenges. Russell NDE realizes that we must frequently modify our products, and create new ones, to keep up with the needs of our customers.

An R&D Success Story: A large independent oil company hired us to inspect three cement-lined pipelines. The job required a specialized tool that Russell NDE didn't have and wasn't available on the market. The R&D team set to work to design and build a device to perform the pipeline inspection and we finished the job for the client.

A Focus on R&D Improves Non-Destructive Testing Methods

New and advanced products are not the only positive outputs of our R&D department. Knowing the most effective ways to conduct pipeline inspections, the correct equipment to use in certain situations, and training best practices can be useful to Russell NDE and to the customers that we serve.

An R&D Success Story: Our company was hired by a uranium mine in northern Saskatchewan to inspect a slick line (a vertical pipeline into a mine) that moved cement. The pipe was eroding more quickly than usual and this situation provided us a unique challenge. We tried 2-3 different methods of inspecting this pipeline and we found that the best practice for this was to use ultrasonic technology, IRIS, to measure the wall thickness of the pipeline.

Russell NDE wants to hear about, and assist you in overcoming, the obstacles your organization experiences with pipeline and plant inspection. Our eagerness and ability to conduct R&D make us leaders in the industry. Give us a call at 1(800) 661-0127 to find out what we can do for your business.