Russell NDE: North America’s Source for In-Line Pipe Inspection
Friday, December 18, 2020

Russell NDE: North America’s Source for In-Line Pipe Inspection

Inspection of pipelines from 3" to 78"

Are you up to date on the inspection and maintenance of your pipelines? Routine in-line inspection of pipelines is a crucial part of protecting against leaks, breaks and failures, as well as ensuring the optimal performance of your daily operations. While exterior examination can reveal immediate concerns such as areas of corrosion and dents, internal inspections help to reveal hidden dangers by providing a clear evaluation of the state of your pipes and allowing you to take action before major incidences occur. As a world leader in the pipeline inspection industry, Russell NDE manufactures award-winning products, including our SeeSnake tools, that make the inspection of cement-lined, PE lined, epoxy and other kinds of lined pipelines easy. Learn more about our pigging and in-line inspection technologies below.

Why Depend On In-Line Inspection Tools?

It’s no secret that staying on top of the condition of your pipelines can be challenging, especially where internal thickness and integrity is concerned. While the outside of your lines may show certain types of easily visible damage, the inside often holds the real story as to the overall safety and operational viability. NDT technology makes it easy to get an accurate read and detect flaws without requiring contact with the interior walls. With flawless results and minimal disruption to your line’s operation, tools like the Russell SeeSnake have become a go-to solution for in-line pipe inspections. Regular examination of your lines saves time, money, and helps to ensure a long lifecycle for pipes making it a necessity for all pipeline operators.

Meet Russell NDE’s See Snake

Russell’s line of flexible and reliable SeeSnake tools are an industry-leading solution that enables the rapid inspection of pipelines. Designed to fit the unique demands of lined pipes, in particular, the SeeSnake uses non-contact Electromagnetic inspection to conduct condition assessments, maintaining equal sensitivity for both internal and external flaws. The SeeSnake is completely water and pressure proof, built to withstand both hot and cold environments, and is able to run through long-distances when needed. With inspection speeds averaging one half to two km/hr, assessment is highly efficient and accurate. The mechanical design of the SeeSnake is able to accommodate ID variations, as well as sharp bends and elbows along the pipeline for optimal convenience and the SeeSnake can be used in a tethered fashion or free swimming.

Additionally, the unique signal transmitted by SeeSnakes can be detected from the surface, meaning that there is no need for a “Sonde” or "Transmitter Pig" for tool tracking, making evaluation simple and reliable.

About Russell NDE Systems Inc.

Russell NDE is a world leader in the RFT and NDE inspection field. As an award-winning manufacturer of high-quality solutions and a trusted service provider, our team is proud to serve customers all throughout North America and abroad. Contact our team today to learn about our pigging solutions and more.


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